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3D Naked eye panels
  • AU Optronics (AUO) plans to begin rolling out naked-eye 3D panels in the second half of 2012 and expects its shipments of 65-inch TV panels to reach 700,000 units for the year, according to company vice president TK Wu.

    The average panel size for TV applications is expected to grow to 36.5-inch in 2012 from 35.5-inch in 2011, Wu estimated, adding that the comparative size at AUO will edge up by 1.5-inch to 36.3-inch during the year.


    Earlear report:

    Economic Daily News says that AU Optronics (AUO) has receinved orders which may reach 100K units for 65-inch naked-eye full HD 3D TV panels from LG Electronics and Vizio

    Good news indeed.
    4K could have some chance in TVs, but only as part of 3D sets, I think.

    Very interesting thing will happen also in phone market, as further enchancing resolution of phone screens is pointless. 720p will be standard resolution quite soon. AMOLED also takes more and more of this market.
    It is clear that next target will be 3D sets.

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  • Btw 8" screens can be widely found in various chinese products already. They are not the best due to quite narrow angle and positions restriction, but works.

  • Gadmei has Android 4.0 on this panel. About $200-240 shipped.
    Has USB host mode and you can install any 3D video/photo viewers.

    I think it can be good cheap option in the field to check few things.
    Hope our 3D forum pros will tell us if it is really so.

  • I use the Gadmei 8" player all the time. Not for previewing footage (detail isn't really high enough for alignment preview), but for demonstration. Also - the workflow ins't instant. You have to combine the footage into a side-side frame before viewing on the Gadmei.

    With the proper care in post, you can cut a great demo reel for the Gadmei. If you're out selling a 3D project, it's indispensable.

  • I mean that they have now Android tablet available, not only simple player.
    And it can be much more handy for you.