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Varavon "cranes" and new S sliders thoughts
  • I have the lite, which works fine, but am interested in the crane and the longer version. They also have little wheels that attack to the bottom of the crane that made me giggle... want them too...

    does anyone have any tips on how to get steady speed on sliders with out crank other then handpush.pull? I've been using rubber bands with my lite slider and gh2, rokinon 35mm and loupe gets good results most of the time

    maybe a future deal on here? eh

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  • It is not a crane really :-) May be it is useful.

    About speed, you can attach good fluid head to the end and attach rope from the sliding plate to the head and start turning head. :-)

    As for sliders, I am sure we'll have some on deals as they'll be available in May.

  • ohhhh, that sound pretty legit and much cheaper then a silly crank. Thanks :)

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