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Any Hacks improve Rolling Shutter in 1080p
  • Hi I hope this is the right place to post this, if not I apologise to Vitaliy in advance.

    I have had a GH2 for some time now, and although I love the Cam...the single biggest complaint I have is the rolling shutter, shuddering, strobing effect when panning the camera. I have read extensively a lot of posts and threads here on or related to this problem, so I am just saying that in case someone says...there is already a post on this etc....

    I have also tested various Driftwood patches (Sedna etc..) and Flowmotion and Sanity 5 to name a few, but none of them improve this much, setting the shutter speed lower does not really help a lot either, I am in PAL land so I mainly use 25P so the shutter is often set at 50 or even lower...until it gets streaky, but that does not really help that much either. I love the GH2 but I will have to limit its use (for music videos) because of this problem. I also have an older Panny TM700 and the stuttering, strobing effect when panning that camera is practically non existent at 1080/50p, in other words its fine. So is the GH2 in 720P mode at 30frames or 50 Fps, but never much good in 1080P. Which brings me to a few questions.

    1. I figure its the frame rate of the Gh2 that is at the root of the problem. I assume the sensor cannot run the camera at higher rates such as 1080p at 50Fps (PAL) or that correct?

    2. Perhaps there is a hack that addresses this, there may have been one that I have missed? (although I am doubtful). But any suggestions are welcome.

    3. I know its not my monitor or anything else, I have a fast 2600k computer and my TM700 footage has no such problem, but to be sure I have lowered bitrates on some of the patches from Driftwood in particular, but it does not really help.

    Color grading and everything else is important to me too, but nothing is as important as this. Its a bit of a bummer cause I love the GH2 and have invested in some good panny lenses and a nice Konica lens (I want to get more) but the strobing, electric, jello effect when panning drives me nuts!! I hope no one gets me wrong, I figure there is no solution really and I am prepared to live with it, I am just posting this in case there is someone that has had some success with this problem that I have not heard about yet. So any advice is appreciated, other than that I can only hope the GH3 is capable of 1080 at 50/60P, then I will probably buy it. Thanks for your help. Best

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