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Nikon D4, Canon 5dmk2, 5dmk3, Gh2, light sensitivity, latitude perceptual test
  • compared them a bit on Time Square,

    The GH2 battery died after two shots.. It was clear that it's not a winner in high iso competition.

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  • its no surprise GH2 its not winner in low light, but for me was the best image out of the 4 cameras.

  • Thanks for sharing. This is the one area the MkIII does well. Guessing GH3 will have similar low-light iso performance as the Canons.

  • Thanks for sharing - which FW setting did you use for GH2?

  • "The GH2 battery died after two shots.."

    Damn really? I just shot two 50 minute interviews on one battery...

  • I had battery aready used up.. that's the reason.. sedna A AQ1 smooth -2 -2 0 0

  • Thanks for the test, unfortunately no D800.

  • sure, I hear that D4 is better, less noise on high ISO, will see compare them soon.

  • As I mentioned in the Vimeo thread, it will be interesting to see how the comparison goes on the video side.

    You can see the difference on the stills side by going to and setting the ISO to 12,800 and then swapping the D800, D4 and 5DMkIII in for the cameras they have now.

    The D4 really outshines the others, as does the D3s.

  • there is a test on youtubе, showing that D4 compared to D800 endeed have a better ISO performance..