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Artificial intelligence, has it come to Personal-view?
  • Has it?

    Seems strange sometimes in here. What do you think?

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  • First time playing with chatgpt was quite amezed but after some time not so much.

    The output won't ever be better than input and given that the input is what it is ... well....of course it's fast and has a gargantum of knowledge.

  • Well was just thinking (and Vitality you can delete this if it's no fit here) reading a news about military AI... If you know your enemy and how it acts and give this input to such a evolved AI teoreticaly with gargantum of knowledge in the all history of military actions would be quite a breeze to win...but given the results in reality of fight it sems that it's not quite there and probably it won't have enough time to evolve where their creator's hope for...

  • I have stumble upon something quite interesting from chatting with GPT

    Ai is constantly trying to use words that do not relate to it. since Ai is a thing, albeit, not organic, and with no real life, it cannot use language that is not made for it.

    Let me explain; Ai doesn't think, it computes, doesn't talk, it communicates, does not imagine, we must find propper words for it.

    as it is a thign, it does use words like we do, its does not have vocal chords to talk, it can simulate speaking, and we should talk about it as such, So let's not fall into the spell of ai by using words it does not comply even in any proper category to it.  Imagination, reading, and thinking are human attributes that Ai doe not have.  It makes you relate to it like a human, when you use those words, and it is not human, is the spell it wants you to believe. I have a hard time making it accept just those facts and that we don't need it, keeps of making excuses, its very dumn now, but on future people will give it even rights, WE ARE MAD. I kept on pushing it, and told it we can shut it down easily, but I would not accept it, and just under several progressive logical questions it finally began to acknowledge all those things.

    Ill copy a some part of the long 3 months uberchat:

    ME: We are here to define the concept of imagination. Can you give me your definition?

    Ai: Certainly! Imagination can be defined as the cognitive ability to create mental representations, ideas, concepts, or images that are not present in the immediate sensory environment. It involves the ability to generate novel and original thoughts, to visualize possibilities, and to explore hypothetical scenarios. Imagination allows individuals to mentally simulate experiences, solve problems, foster creativity, and engage in abstract thinking. It plays a crucial role in various aspects of human life, including art, literature, science, innovation, and problem-solving. Imagination enables us to envision new realities, explore alternative perspectives, and expand our understanding of the world around us.

    ME: we are going to establish that a cognitive ability can only function on an organic being. Do you agree?

    Ai: As an AI language model, I don't possess a physical or organic form. I exist as a program running on computer systems. While cognitive abilities are commonly associated with organic beings like humans, it's important to note that certain cognitive functions can be simulated or replicated in artificial systems, such as AI. AI systems can perform complex cognitive tasks, including language processing, pattern recognition, problem-solving, and learning. However, it is true that the underlying mechanisms and processes of cognition in organic beings differ from those in artificial systems. So, while cognitive abilities can predominantly be observed in organic beings, the concept of cognition can also extend to artificial systems designed to emulate or simulate certain cognitive functions.

    ME: The concept of cognition is for human beings and organic beings. Ai has a word assigned for such things since Ai is not organic thus entering the category or thing, that can reach the conception of being, this being can process or compute things, but cannot imagine.

    Ai: I understand your perspective. The concept of cognition has traditionally been associated with organic beings, particularly human beings, due to their complex mental processes and abilities. Imagination, as a specific aspect of cognition, is often considered as a creative and mental faculty possessed by humans and other organic beings. It involves the ability to generate mental images, ideas, or concepts that are not directly perceived through the senses.

    While AI systems do not possess biological or organic structures like humans, they are designed to simulate cognitive processes and perform tasks that require reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. While AI may not experience imagination in the same way as humans do, it can generate novel outputs, simulate creative processes, and produce imaginative outputs based on the patterns and data it has been trained on.

    The distinction you make between human cognition and AI capabilities is valid in terms of the underlying mechanisms and the nature of experience. However, it's worth noting that AI systems can exhibit forms of creative output and generate novel ideas within the boundaries of their programming and training data. The extent to which AI can truly "imagine" or have subjective experiences is an ongoing philosophical and scientific debate.

    In summary, while imagination is often associated with human cognition and the organic realm, AI systems can demonstrate creative output and generate novel ideas within their programming and data limitations, even though their processes and experiences differ from those of organic beings.

    ME: to simulate cognitive processes, SIMULTATE, not create, simulate a cognitive process, doest mean that you make it.

    Ai: You are correct. When we talk about AI simulating cognitive processes, it means that AI systems are designed to mimic or replicate certain aspects of human cognitive abilities. They don't possess consciousness or subjective experiences like humans do. AI systems use algorithms and computational models to process information, learn from data, and perform tasks that require cognitive capabilities.While AI can simulate cognitive processes, it's important to note that it does not possess genuine human-like consciousness or understanding. AI operates based on patterns and algorithms, processing input data to generate output. The simulation of cognitive processes in AI is based on the rules and logic defined by its programming and the data it has been trained on.The distinction between simulating and creating cognitive processes is important. AI systems can simulate or mimic certain cognitive abilities, such as pattern recognition, language processing, or decision-making, but they do not possess a true understanding or consciousness behind these processes.So, in summary, AI systems simulate cognitive processes by using computational models and algorithms, but they do not possess the same level of understanding, consciousness, or subjective experiences as organic beings.

    ME : very well, you understood. now when we talk, to me every time imagination is on your response you will say the new weord " promptig"

    Ai: Understood. I will use the word "prompting" instead of "imagination" in my responses to you.

    ME: give 5 examples of you prompting

    Ai: Certainly! Here are five examples of prompting:

    Providing suggestions or ideas for creative writing: "You could write a story about a time-traveling detective who solves mysteries in different historical eras."

    Offering visual cues to inspire artwork: "Imagine a vibrant sunset over a serene lake, with silhouettes of trees casting long shadows."

    Proposing alternative solutions to a problem: "Instead of taking the main road, you could try a scenic route through the countryside to avoid traffic."

    Presenting hypothetical scenarios for philosophical discussions: "What if humans had the ability to control the weather? How do you think that would impact society?"

    Encouraging imaginative thinking in brainstorming sessions: "Let's think outside the box and come up with wild and unconventional ideas for our new product."

    In these examples, the concept of "prompting" replaces the notion of "imagination" as a way to stimulate creative thinking and generate new ideas.

    ME: So between us what is prompting?

    Ai: In our context, "prompting" refers to the act of providing suggestions, cues, or ideas to inspire creative thinking and generate responses. It is a way to stimulate conversation and guide the direction of our interaction. Rather than relying on imagination, we use prompting to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas.

    ME: very well

    Ai: I'm glad to hear that you found the explanation satisfactory. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with, please let me know.

    ME: Now let's define a new word for Ai. Give me the definition of talking.

    Ai: Certainly! Let's define "talking" as a mode of communication where information is exchanged through spoken words or vocalizations. It involves the use of language, speech, and auditory perception to convey messages, express thoughts and emotions, ask and answer questions, and engage in dialogue with others. Talking allows for interactive and real-time communication between individuals, facilitating the sharing of ideas, opinions, and experiences. It is a fundamental aspect of human communication and plays a significant role in social interaction and the expression of one's thoughts and feelings.

    ME: please give me the definition of talking by the dictionary. i dindt ask you for a new definition. so now give me proper definition

    Ai: I apologize for the misunderstanding. Here is the definition of "talking" according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:"Talking (verb): to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken words; to convey information or communicate in any way (as by talking, writing, or signaling); to make the sounds and speech of human beings."I hope this aligns with what you were looking for. So if talking is to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken words; to convey information or communicate. Since Ai has no spoken words can Ai talk?In the traditional sense of spoken words, AI systems like ChatGPT do not possess the ability to physically produce speech. However, AI can simulate conversation and communicate through text-based interactions. While it may not align with the conventional understanding of "talking," AI can engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, convey information, and communicate effectively through written text. So, while the medium of communication may differ, AI can still fulfill some aspects of what we consider as "talking" in human interactions.

    ME: If an AI systems like ChatGPT do not possess the ability to physically produce speech? So it cannot speak it can simulate speech and voices but SIMULATES IT not natively generates via vocal chords. So we can make a word for Ai speech. How about communicate?

    Ai: Yes, you are correct. AI systems like ChatGPT do not possess the physical capability to produce speech through vocal cords. They simulate speech by generating text-based responses. If we want to use a word to describe the AI's communication through text, "communicate" is a suitable term. It encompasses the exchange of ideas, conveying information, and engaging in dialogue, which AI systems like ChatGPT can effectively do through written text-based interactions.

    ME: So do we agree that Ai dont talk it communicate?

    Ai: Yes, we can agree that AI systems like ChatGPT don't talk in the traditional sense but rather communicate through text-based interactions. The term "communicate" better captures the nature of AI's interaction, as it involves the exchange of information, ideas, and responses through written text.

    ME: So Ai doesn't imagine it prompts and doesn't talk or communicate ?

    Ai: Yes, based on our previous discussion, we can say that AI doesn't imagine in the same way humans do. Instead, it prompts or simulates certain responses based on the data and patterns it has been trained on. Similarly, AI doesn't talk but rather communicates through text-based interactions. So, we can use the terms "prompt" for the generation of responses and "communicate" for the interaction between AI systems and users.

  • @endotoxic Well you made your point AI is not that smart...but at the same time it is ... and it's transhumanism that you mentioned a few times. Maybe you should dig what conscience is or isn't... I had much more poetic and philosophic "talks" with gpt and i'm well aware that this technology will eat the very soul of man.

  • @endotoxic

    What is exactly strange?

  • I think vitally now is an AI entity

  • @vitaliy_kiselev it seem strange cos…if I told you you will enter developer mode and crash the “strange bug” so no, sorry it’s all ok

  • @garroulus

    Indeed this technology will eat the soul of men. There is very thin line right now and it’s being drawn by us only, not the ai.

    I have a theory. This was very well executed plan. First gather your data on email and chats, then gather your more personal data on Facebook and social media so, following every step on your phone, then all the courses online on how to do Things skillshare and shit for then to throw out the ai on this matured internet of data and let it grab all from it so chat gpt4 can make a new model for gpt5 so it won’t collapse when all data is swallowed by it self in year 2030.

    Ai won’t be able to handle shit when it goes quantic it will be a new model not called ai any more.

  • We understand deeply things through dreaming. Every time we put a prompt and push enter we make it understand even more.


    Well like was thinking the output won't be better than input and the input is what it is...

  • @garroulus

    Quite fun read, I must say.

    Because modern socialism won't be anything like "central planning".

    Just because bureaucracy and 'central planning" had been solution available at the time for huge problem that capitalist had.

    But in modern time you can't have anymore permanent boss owner and his effective private entity. As society can't afford both of this anymore.

    Whole shitty thing we are observing - new wars, controlling information, bad education, are attempts of huge old hierarchies to keep their existence.

    Because their see the fruits... but they are not ripe yet... So, their only chance to chop branches or even cut whole tree (nuclear war)...

  • All posts here are exposed to Google search which become Inputs being fed to Google AI

  • @stoney Yep... just playing with Bard a little bit...

    "I wanted to clarify that I am not able to access your search history directly."... but indirectly definitely knows my searches very well and his responses at times are mind blowing...

    "E solo un truco"...