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Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter to use the iPhone as a Monitor. Can also do live streaming.
  • Decided to buy it. Live stream video I just did while hooked up to the GH6. Camera setting on fully automatic. A lot of reviews out their about using it as a monitor but almost nothing about the live streaming capabilities so here's my experience.

    You can record 1080p60 to the phone but for livestreaming, it's going to YouTube as 1080p30 for some reason. I told the company about that days ago and they said they'd look into it. They announced that the device will be getting an update with some improvements and I hope 1080p60 streaming become part of it. I checked the upload speed for my phone before I started shooting and was getting about 90 to 100Mbps and so I was able to choose the highest bit rate on the device which is 30. The video quality is decent but as for the audio, its not as great. I'm hearing some clicking sounds. Not sure why that is.

    For streaming, you need to get on YouTube using a phone web browser to set your title and description. You'll also need to copy the stream key and then paste it into the SeeMo app. It's a simpler process if you live stream with your phone using the Live Now app. With that said, they said they'll allow other app makers to make the product compatible with their app. Live now would be a good candidate since your able to stream in 4K with your phone. Just by using the YouTube app, your only limited to 720p.

    Because Apple decided to still use an ancient lightning port on the iPhone 14 Pro, your not able to have external power going from the device to the phone. You'd need to get a Magsafe charger.

    "Hey ALL Accsoon SEE iOS App users. We will update the App for a better user experience and here are the updates: We will put the monitoring functions on the top so you won't accidentally quit the App when swapping the icons. You can choose which sound channel you'd like and we improved the Audio Level UI design. When the WiFi's connected to the SONY camera, and the camera is under recording, you can control the camera recording via the App. * (some models only and still under testing) The App now supports iOS battery level indication. Let us know how you like these updates and if you have anything that you'd like to have in the Accsoon SEE App."

    I also recorded straight to the GH6 at the same time. You'll be able to compare the video and sound quality. Video is currently in 1080p60 and will be in 4K 60fps within the next day or 2 once processing is finished.