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  • I'm getting curious how this wonderful colorgrading tool would be integrated into the upcoming CS6. It would be really nice if it can import PremierePro project and preserve PP timeline composition. Sorta mimicking how AE CS5.x imports PP CS5.x project. Adobe FTW!!!

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  • Looks interesting, only thing i is i would like to have and sdi monitor to really see what im doing!

  • I read it will use dynamic link. I also read that individual programs will now be able to use dynamic linking in 6.0, not just the premium suite.

  • It will be nice if SG can be applied directly on AE layers.

  • I've had a play with a standalone version of Speedgrade NX and it is amazing - for example masks that track objects, and endless adjustment layers. But yes - if it could do that without a lot of importing / exporting it would save a load of time.

  • @Mark_the_Harp hmmmm sound enticing!!!

  • So they have traker mask as in davinci power windows

  • Don't know DaVinci - but it is a really useful feature to have - for example at the moment I'm using it to rescue a badly-lit face in an interview which I've been given to edit. Of course you could do the same in AE...

  • Yes being able to apply directly to AE would be nice. I'd like more secondaries, tracking for mask, scopes.

  • From the Adobe Speedgrade forum: "There is not a Dynamic Link connection between SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro in the CS6 version. For now, you use the Send To SpeedGrade command in Premiere Pro to create a .ircp file and a sequence of DPX files that are used by SpeedGrade. It's a good feature request, though, and one that we've heard a lot already. You can add your vote by making a feature request here: "

  • Thanks for the update czarek. I need to start posted feature request. My source must have been inacurate but the more I read about SpeedGrade the better it looks. I may upgrade sooner than I thought!

  • Adobe TV published many video tutorials on Speedgrade CS6: I think there are 11 clips or more now on this - look at the first 3 pages.


  • @czarek Thank you for this1

  • Update: There are exactly 11 clips on Speedgrade - one does not have 'Speedgrade' in the title: It's called, "12445-Patrick Palmer-Structuring-final_1.mp4" ;)

    Update 2: I've found the quickest way to view this 11 clips: ;)

  • Thanks for the links. Does speedgrade work with out MTS files or do we need to transcode? It is a space issue and time issue. That's what kept me from getting into Resolve. Also resolve had a very un user friendly interface to bring your clips in.

    Also, I saw in an adobe video, an ipad used for sliders in I think Audition. Is there an app to use an ipad as a control surface?

  • The stand-alone version (pre-Adobe) won't work on MTS files - you have to transcode. From the look of it, Adobe have basically rebranded it (although the waveform monitor appears to have more controls) so I'm sure the same applies.

    In windows you can drag and drop into Speedgrade so opening files is not difficult.

    Playing graded stuff within Speedgrade is impressive - very fast, very stable.

  • You can drag & drop into speedgrade? But not our MTS?

  • @disneytoy That is correct. You can drag and drop .mov (and .avi of all the sizes I can find, even cheapo-cam low-res footage from my daughter's Fuji stills cam) but not GH2 mts files, nor HDV m2t files for anyone who uses those. So if you want to use .mts you have to transcode using 5DtoRGB or similar. But at the penalty of HUGE files (both going in and coming out). Tricky, particularly if your mts files are already very large (ie a long take of several minutes).

    Once in it, it's very quick to use (hence the name!) both in terms of adding numerous adjustment layers, and playing the timeline. Exporting is again quite slow depending on how many adjustments you have applied, but you can export just a range of frames so that's not quite so bad.

    I stress this is on the earlier standalone but from what I can see it's not any different to the new one apart from a few user-interface tweaks. It's VERY impressive apart from the inability to work with mts files.

  • Not loving Adobe's version of SpeedGrade. No curves.... at all..... AT ALL!!! WTF??? I mean it's been about 6 years since I've used it, but I was almost certain the full production version had curves on the grading panel. Maybe I just superimposed Davinci onto SG in my memory since we switched everything over to Davinci my first year as a colorist.

    For quick grades, secondaries, and tech grades, it's fantastic and very speedy. Masks and tracking are quick and smooth, but for heavy grading, I'm really disappointed. No help files yet, so I can't tell if I can bake my quick grades in SG for tech passes, and transfer over to AE for use with CGT. I can import all the looks from SG with no problem with the Apply Color LUT effect, but I'd really like to have the secondary control inside AE, without CF.

    I was really hoping Adobe would just replace the embedded Color Finesse inside AE with SG. But they did include the new Color Neutralizer which is an awesome white balancing tool. It'd be even cooler if it were the R3D color slider...but it does the same thing.

  • I hope they still keep Color Finesse in After Effects. I'm not sure why they would keep two color grading programs?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev This is a really good publication for adding to my knowledge of how these things work - thanks for the link.

  • Okay, I'm loving the .look export and import into AE function. I can definitely do tech passes, secondaries, skin tone correction, and LUTs in SG and import to AE with all the secondaries and LUTs intact, without rendering, so that eliminates the NEED for CF, but since it works so well, I'm actually pissed that SG doesn't live inside AE like I (and others) begged Adobe to do. they could do the exact same thing they did with CF.

    Still no round tripping with SG....I have to do each grade individually and export the settings to be able to work on it in AE, or track 3D, so it's not really "there" yet. They rushed to get it out there, so it's not fully integrated with PP and AE.

    Hopefully, some or all of this will come in a future update, and not a .5 upgrade. Although I'm considering switching to a subscription based license instead of buying the suite. It comes to $360 a year, but at least the .5 updates are included, so to speak. Which makes sense to those like me who don't already own the full suite, and not enough modules to get the upgrade price for it.

  • I can't find it, but I saw an adobe video with a ipad as a control surface for Audition. Is there a ipad app to use it as a control surface for SpeedGrade?

  • If you don't already have the Master Suite the subscription is a good option. The special price of $360 is less than upgrading every year for $525. I heard you can use both Mac or Windows. That way you have a lot more options if you like using both platforms.