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Sound Devices (temporarily) end production of the 833 & MixPre3 mk2
  • Hello Sound Devices family. Due to global semiconductor shortages, we have sadly been forced to put production of the 833 and MixPre-3 II on a temporary hold. We expect we will be able to restart manufacturing the 833 in November. We don’t have a restart date for the MixPre-3 II yet but we will let you know as soon as possible.

    The MixPre-3 II and 833 are not being discontinued. We will continue manufacturing them as soon as our parts arrive! Other 8-Series and MixPre II Series mixer-recorders will not be affected. Some of our resellers still have 833s and MixPre-3 IIs in stock.

    Thank you so much for your support during these shortages. We appreciate you all!

    Sad news to know you no longer can buy these, but also not a total surprise what with all the supply issues there have been in 2021/2020 across all industries.

    Makes sense they'd discontinue (for now) the 833 and MixPre3, as they are each the cheapest models in their respective product lines (8 Series & MixPre Series), thus probably have the smallest profit margins.

    Wasn't that long ago Sound Devices did a price hike of their products, but I guess that alone wasn't enough to dampen demand, and now they have to (short term) cancel a couple of products to help ration out their stocked supplies of components.

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  • Efficient invisible market hand just finally reached Sound Devices neck.

  • And now Tilta is doing price hikes:

    This won't be the last we hear of this. It is not just the covid disrupted supply chains which are causing shortages and price hikes, but inflation is on its way too.

  • @IronFIlm

    Like all of us, we’re glad to be getting back on track after a difficult year, however, the pandemic left its mark on the manufacturing industries, and some of the materials that we use are not available at the same price due to supply constraints. We’ve worked hard to adjust the price to make it as small as possible.

    The majority of price increases are between a 10-20%, with a few exceptions. Orders made before this time will be at the original price until that 6/17. The new price change will come into effect on June 17, 2021.

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