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Buying new high speed "cheap" cameras and robotic arm. ( Suggestions are welcome )
  • Hi. I’m planing on buying the chronos 2.1 that shoots at 1000fps at 1080p. I’ve seen also the wave camera from another manufactures but has some real issues with the sensor fixed patter noise, and bad noise performance. I also found that the wave camera shots at 4K 400fps and 2k 1000fps . Also sensor wise the chronos is a m 4/3 sensor while the wave is super 35. Both are global shutter and both seems to me to have around 10 stops of DR its my calculation.

    It’s gonna be my next camera but I haven’t finished on making my final choice.

    Chronos seems to have a little more experience in the making but wave seems to use better hardware. So... fixed pattern noise in wave camera is not something you can get rid of in post, and also the high noise that chronos offers is a little bit disappointing but you can work it on post.

    I’m planning on making a business from it making appetite appeal images and effects for food and products, and what I need is the better quality image, but both cameras seem to be not at their peak performance software wise. Also I’m planning on buying a robotic arm, but I don’t find anyone from arround $50k that is good like the $250k ones like the bolt one.

    Some suggestion anyone?. I won’t buy a phantom is arround $150k. Wave camera is 9k and chronos is 5k. Any one with some robotic arm for cheap?


    CHRONOS 2.1

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  • this heavy FPN (fixed pattern noise) is really bad on the WAVE camera, but on the Chronos is less evident but in an vertical pattern, while wave camera is horizontal pattern, also chronos has really bad noise issues.