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A new kind of political system BLOCK CHAIN GOVERMENT the real socialism
  • Thinking once, twice, 3 times, 4 times...

    i have an interesting new type of government. A system for the people to the people, governed by the people and transparent as the system will allow it.

    Its kind of a "facebook" with government rules, and governed by block chain tech, allowing every and each citizen to take a look and ACT, towards a better system, and allowing those that where elected in charge to br MONITORED, in every movement of those elected to make the work, visible and tractable to every movement and every decision, to be shared, and by some rules, fiscalice the actions of those who make the decision and take social responsibility to execute orders in a proper way.

    This new kind of government would allow mass decision taking and thinking towards the mass needs. Those elected should always make decisions based on the grater good, and everyone can have a check and a proper answer over the elected one decisions.

    i think it could work if we make a system like that.

    Everyone can have a think also everyone can have a choice, all based on mass voting and mass thinking. Everything would we like an update software, and only those with the time or the need will have a chance to make a change.

    This is a trully free system and from the for the!!!!!

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  • even block chains get hacked. who would control the block chain security? the gov? all communication would have to go through it, phone calls, paper, in person communication. and democracy doesn't work in real life, the closest that works is a republic. or everyone is going to vote for zero taxes! the best way to reduce corruption is limit terms and rotate people's roles and responsibilities around so they don't fester and build dark networks.

  • @endotoxic


    Socialism is not about how elections are performed, blockchain and "mass decision making". Don't be focused only on tech, it is important, but first you need to define that you need from it and how it will work in real life (where we have guns, bombs and various bad guys).

    It is about common means of production. And about you being able to affect anything and change anything, but only if you spent your time and know the subject. And this last part fully excludes fake bourgeois style democracy.

    You are right about total monitoring, but it can't be everyone, as fooling someone whoa re busy and have little knowledge is very easy.

  • For sure developing a software for this kind of applications should be really fine! I don’t know if it could be hack able and at what extent it could be controlled, but it’s a good idea to monitor every aspect of the government processes.

    About everyone making a choice and a having a chance of being fooled cos it’s low knowledge, it’s all right since in real life shit happens and I think would be the human factor making the system not flawless but unpredictable as life, cos total control is not the idea but a proper system to use for society, no more control over anyone, since anyone can take a part of it and make choices even if it’s being fooled.

    About the common need of production, this system is not thought for production but for monitoring and proper distribution of decisions and getting rid of closed systems and it’s rotten corrupt ways.

  • @endotoxic why would you want "mass decision making"? Turn your head slowly to the left, and take mental notes on the people in your field of view. Now turn your head to the right, and repeat the note taking. When you're done, answer my question.

  • @radikalfilm

    One guy already made summary:

  • @radikalfilm

    In reality mass decision making is never a proper choice, never the less, technology can make it happen, as every one has a cellphone, everyone can help to make a choice.

    And why not? there has never been such an example cos we didn't have the technology to make it happen.

    I know, people are stupid and crazy, dam it, im one of them, and i think we should get a chance to make it happen.

    Even though, it may bring chaos and lack of responsibility dissolving decisions over many persons and options, its a chance to see what will bring to the table such a system.

    i understand nothing good comes from masses, only viruses and massive lock-downs LOL

    never the less, i think it could bring some answers making something like this.


    Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan.