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platforms to buy lomo oct 18 /19 lenses other than Ebay
  • I'm looking to build a Russian spherical lens lomo set to use on Arri Alexa Pl mount,was seeing what platforms can these lenses be found in for sale other than Ebay ?

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  • 15 year ago they where all thrown up for nothing. Now you try to build one real good set, I only can wish you luck ok that new challenge. They are over valued right now.

  • yes I know I'm late for the game, but of late i really liked what i have seen come out of them , on ebay it seems that i have to trust a couple sellers words , not many options , I'm in contact with 1 seller .with regards to value , why do you say they are over valued now , pending quality of glass , it seems like i can get a good set ( 4 to 5) lenses going for 3 to 4k usd with pl mount. nothing in that range has this vintage feel and look , unless you have something in mind or other lens set you think is better at that price range (vintage vibe). I'm also a sucker of round many aperture lenses , i just like the rendering a lot more as i like to usually stop down 1 to 2 stops for sharpness .

  • @sammy

    If you shoot 4K or above it is simpler to add this vibe using software filters.

    Also can use some hardware filters with bad coating and little oil on them :-)

  • If you are looking for character, dont waste more money and grab a vintage Japanese or Russian lenses, you can have much more look out of that, than proper vintage cine lenses, since resolution is not an issue, and you are paying better price for that glass. In modern image there are lots of coatings, special glass elements, and strange materials expensive ones to coat or merge with glass to obtain that extra atribute for god knows what!

    Buy cheap or strange lenses also that can give you idea of what you can achieve, see more reviews on vintage WW2 Russian lenses from tanks, bombers, and other aircraft type. There is such a vast knowledge out there with those type of lenses, you can also track history of it and track real supplier, that can bring many surprises.

    There is a good thread here from vitaliy, hidden gems amongst lenses you can learn something or two from that thread.

    Final thought, if efective color reproduction and rendition, if the feel of weight, as constant results are a must and a homogeneous image in between the range is needed, invest in a proper same era series of lomo or whatever brand look you like set of lenses. The price you pay is something will outdate you, those lenses will record still 240k resolution at 2840fps in 2151 as a proper low resolution era vintage lens. The character is what define those lenses, not their technical specifications, more so if you speak about anamorphic and the art of bending more the light. The looks is killer!