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Bad design: LG Puricare mask
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    Partially good idea - add motors to help with inhale.

    One thing that LG do not tell you - your lungs actually train to adjust if you use such masks constantly.


    Inside design is horrible with introduction of one time use pads that are always wet, what idiot made it?

    This happens as they made mask too close and exhale valve is wrongly placed and too small.

    Also - you can't use human ears to attach mask, every idiot who used mask for more than few hours time know it.

    Even for surgical masks doctors use plastic pieces to remove straps from ears.


    Silicon insert is universal one size - meaning it won'r fit most people at all. As such thing does not exist (3M makes 3 sizes and even for them some people are not too happy).

    It is also not properly sealed, so, you will always inhale some air that did not pass filters.

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