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War: Chrome will forcefully redirect you to HTTPS, censorship coming
  • Starting with version 90, Chrome will default to the https: // prefix in the address bar, which should improve the security and even the loading speed of sites using the HTTPS protocol.

    Chrome users who navigate to sites by manually entering URLs almost never add the prefix http: // or https: //. In this case, previous versions of Chrome choose http: // as the default prefix. Chromium will now automatically prefix https: // to use a "better and more secure" protocol that protects users by encrypting transmitted traffic whenever possible.

    For sites that do not support HTTPS, Chrome will replace the https: // prefix with http: // on the second connection attempt if the first fails.

    It is next step for total censorship. Such change already allow Google to prevent you to visit any site or show big warning in case they don't like your certificate.

    We are very very close to mass SSL certificates banning based on the site contents.

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  • Chrome 90 already released and it will implement the exact thing initial post here was about.

    We can see certificates based censorship as soon as May, and certainly later during this year.