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The sad story about a virtual pirate and its sea of threads
  • Has passed 10 years almost since this adventure was created, was a nice place to share thoughts and learn, not very much people at first where part of the crew. It was a solid group of maybe 30 people who mainly contributed to this cause and so gave it its characteristics. We cannot deny who created this boat and contributed also to its interesting and broad adventure listings.

    The captain who earned his place and navigate hardly through this infinite sea of information was with lots of efforts recognized and respected for its knowledge and hard truths, but it time we the old crew are seeing the deformation of his deep thoughts showing each day more of its shape and real purpose, a deep resentment of an aged agenda.

    It’s sad to see the control of supply’s, the deletion of elements we gave to this boat, filling it with goods, all goods sharing time and effort of the cumulative action, constant efforts which disappeared whith just one action from from the captain, who’s mind is turning into something strange, delirious actions and fascist behaviors, this was not the trip we all signed in.

    It’s time to go, and we all should know what’s going on next, on this boat on this agenda, on this kind of control, cos thoughts and ideas show who we really are.

    So by being a communist functioning inside a democratic society, trying to make a business inside a capitalistic model, imposing its fascist agenda...The last thing this boat lets you do is give your personal-view.

    Slowly in this boat is turning into something strange.

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  • @endotoxic

    Nice story, just 180 degrees from reality.

    You need to understand that to reach original PV goals we need social system change, or at least huge changes inside capitalism before main revolution. Otherwise it will be like endless Louis Rossmann rants.

    You also forgot how many exhibitions we covered and why we made this. COVID ended this thing, but it is not our fault.

    Only this year I talked to lots and lots of managers, engineers and such. And many understand how wrong are things and many want to see changes.

    P.S. Most probably soon we'll have Panasonic G9 hack project as we have lot of new interesting data.