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Hacked Lumix G-series cameras - please rank them in order of stable video quality
  • If someone has already posted an answer to my question below, please give me a link because I'm new to these forums and I haven't been able to find it with a search!

    My question is: how do the hacked G-series cameras compare in terms of the best stable video quality available? I'm guessing, based on what I've read, that it's something like this:

    GH2 > GH1 > GF2 > G2 > GF1.

    Is that correct?

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  • that is correct. Although the G2 need's a hack bad because technically from what I have heard from a source that is extremely reliable. The G2 shoot's at the same capabilities of the gh2 and apparently they are both able to get 2k color except that's why we are on this site.

  • how can you prove that @dgdino ?

  • @spk

    Your terms are quite fuzzy.

    If you mean encoder and other similar things, it'l be

    GH2, GF2, GF3 ......... GH1, GF1, G2


    G2 is not "reliable". It is mostly same as GF1.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    In your opinion GF2 video quality (hacked) is better than GH1? I run and buy it, Vitaliy, at once!

  • @AlbertZ

    Video quality is complex thing.
    Here I referred to only encoder and similar topics.

    For example, GF3 AF is better than GH1.

    GH1 is more suitable fro video camera, it has not so good encoder, but sensor is more suitable, it has 24p, it has viewfinder and mic input. Plus GF2, GF3 still have no manual controls.

  • GF2, GF3 still have no manual controls... @Vitaliy_Kiselev When we do this gift :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Besides the AF tracking in video is there anything that the GH2 cannot do that the other ones can?

  • GF2 and GF3 seem to be identical video quality, I have noticed these tow handle settings differently , as noted by VK that the settings have to be the same for 1080 and 720. but I don't shoot below 1080 anyway. GH2 is by far the best of the three bodies I have, GH2 GF2 GF3.. GH2 is my #1 go to camera for projects. GF2 GF3 are just toys for the most part.. nice small carry around town cameras and or odd shots on a shoot... if they get manual controls that may change the roll they play in shoots but for now I don't rely on them for good footage , they are just icing on the cake, extra B roll stuff. They can make nice footage.. don't get me wrong, just never know what they "automatically" might do.

  • Uhm... why is the GH1 worse for video than even the GF2/3? Only because of slower AF or are there other important reasons?

  • @Jodan

    I specially said that this mostly concerns encoder.

  • @vitaliy_Kiselev GH2, GF2, GF3 ......... GH1, GF1, G2 So the G2 is the least reliable camera when it comes to encoding footage?

  • I think it is Gh2, G2, Gf2,

  • A major limitation of the GF2 and GF3 is that they cannot play back AVCHD videos with bitrates much higher than 50Mbps. In my view, this really hinders their use as handy, auto-exposure cameras, since you often want to review your auto-exposed footage to see how it turned out on the spot. While the GH1 has similar playback limitations, the ability to manually control your exposure makes footage review less needed.

    The GH1's image sensor is also much less noisy than any of the GF cameras. The GF1, GF2, and GF3 all use the same 4000x3000 pixel sensor that lacks the GH1/2's multi-aspect ratio feature.

  • so the gh1 is a better camera for low light then?

  • @visiono I think I remember people saying GH2 is better than GH1 for low light shots, but use search feature on this site and you'll definitely find people discussing it.