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Socialism: On liberals and bad dicatatorships
  • The liberal ideological setting says that all over the world Democracy is fighting against the Dictatorship. Democracy is, of course, a bourgeois state regime with the invisible hand of the free market up to the elbow in each and every pocket. And if you are for Democracy, then Freedom'n'Democracy ™ very much approves such behavior and will therefore consider you a useful assistant to the Light Elves. And if you are for the Dictatorship - then you are bad guy!

    "Democracy vs Dictatorship" is a false liberal dichotomy.

    Communist point of view: any state is a dictatorship.

    The only difference is in whose interests (what groups or classes are behind it). And in the degree of openness of the real relationship of domination and power (mode of operation).

    The liberal dichotomy here will look as follows: Veiled dictatorship of capital (Democracy™) vs Open dictatorship of capital (Dictatorship™).

    These are the extreme ends of the spectrum. Between them is a continuum of transitional forms (modes of operation of the bourgeois state).

    When a pinky left on the command of the capital, together with the liberals and light elves, happily runs to overthrow another hated Dictatorship of Sauron, he does it solely in order to establish another Dictatorship. Is it logical to do such stupid thing?

    Democracy ™ is a natural form of existence for a bourgeois state.

    When capital is placed at the forefront of social organization, money begins to determine everything. Therefore, for capital, the ideal regime for organizing society will be such when everything (absolutely everything) is turned into a market. Including politics.

    If politics is arranged like a market - with bargaining, free competition, professional political products and services (politicians, political strategists, mass media, PR, elections, etc.) - then in such a market the one who is able to pay the most wins. That is, the one who can buy specialists, technologies and form the necessary public opinion. That is, capital.

    In such a mode of operation, the real, irreplaceable dictator in the form of specific persons or groups is always in the shadows. And in the arena of the political circus, professional political clowns are constantly changing, carrying out orders behind the scenes. Wasted and discredited actors are periodically thrown into the trash and replaced by new, even more fun characters. The electorate is happy. Capital as well.

    Therefore, Freedom'n'Democracy ™ as the largest and most powerful capital, in an ultimatum order requires all other countries to strictly adhere to democratic procedures. In this case, he can freely enter any country, establish (buy) the required political regime and freely dictate his will. And all this is imperceptible, without unnecessary noise, under the guise of a democratic expression of the will of the people.

    Those who refuse to turn their political system into a democratic market must be beaten and forced to freedom. To do this, Freedom'n'Democracy ™ has military bases around the world and military expenditures that exceed those of all other countries combined.

    Why can't everyone in the world hold "fair elections" and be more democratic than the Pope?

    If a country wants to pursue an independent policy, it simply cannot afford to host an open democratic market in which it cannot compete with the capitals of the world hegemon.

    In this case, there are only two outputs:

    1. Give up independence. Completely lie under the fincap and resignedly accept all imposed decisions, counting on the mercy of the new owner.
    2. Abandon Democracy ™. Establish a political dictatorship with an irreplaceable political elite, covering all this with imitation of free elections.

    This is why all countries who do not lick ass of leading capitalist countries are declared as bad and totalitarian. And leading countries always push them to change their choice and select option number one.

    When an economic and political crisis occurs in the countries of the patented Freedom'n'Democracy™, which threatens the very existence of capital (like global crisis of overproduction, a revolutionary situation arises and a revolutionary movement gains strength), capital throws off the mask of bourgeois democracy and goes into a regime of open dictatorship: with curtailment of rights, terrorist coercion of the exploited, intimidation and destruction of those who disagree, search for a common enemy, establishment of military order, mobilization, intensive brainwashing propaganda, channeling the attention of the masses to false goals (like militarism, nationalism or religious obscurantism), total control, tightening the screws, etc.

    This is fascism. The power of capital without the mask of democracy. Its shapes and colors can be different, depending on the situation and cockroaches in the head of sponsors and organizers. But the basis is always one thing:

    Fascism is an open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary forces of monopoly capital, carried out with the aim of preserving the capitalist system.

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  • And you can see it all in realtime

    In December, The New York Times published a column by Robert M. Gates, a former defense secretary who served under Republican Bush and Democrat Obama. Speaking about the new president's foreign policy, he bluntly wrote that the United States must "determine the consequences for NATO member states such as Turkey, Hungary and increasingly Poland, which are moving towards (or fully embrace) authoritarianism."

    Bad guys, do not want open their market for our fake printed dollars, bastards!

  • Look, same guys who rig elections and censor everything are for democracy, on foreign soil, of course:

    EU foreign ministers during a video conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken decided to closely coordinate their steps to counter Mordor and China. This was stated on Monday by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell at a press conference following a meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers.

    "It was an extremely rich conversation, we confirmed our intention to jointly respond to external challenges, including opposition to Mordor and China, who are leaders of evil forces in the world" he said.

    The EU foreign ministers also expressed the need to prove to the world the superiority of western democracy over all other state systems.

    "Democracy is under attack today, so the United States and the European Union must prove to the whole world that this is the best system," Borrell said.

    He added that the EU and the US have agreed to secure global leadership in the fight against the pandemic, economic recovery and the promotion of democracy in the world.

    "We must ensure that the US and the EU secure world leadership in the fight against the pandemic, economic recovery, the spread of democracy and human rights in the world," the head of EU diplomacy announced.

    Remember - guys who told you this are enemies of the people and will be present in the largest tribunal where will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  • In NATO, the creation of the Center for Democratic Resilience has surfaced, yet again.

    Congressman Connolly first proposed the idea for such a Centre in 2019. It has since been backed up by the Assembly as a whole as well as the independent Group of Experts appointed by the NATO Secretary General for the NATO 2030 process.

    Back in January 2021, NATO PA President Connely also spoke of the centre with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

    Its aim is to assist members and partner nations to strengthen their democratic institutions.

    The Assembly advocates for NATO to rededicate itself to the shared democratic foundations. As part of these efforts, the Standing Committee set up a Working Group to refine a concept of a Centre for Democratic Resilience within NATO – an idea Congressman Connolly introduced in 2019 on the occasion of NATO 70th anniversary and since backed by the Assembly as a whole.

    “NATO has a well-oiled machinery focused on military matters, but it lacks a body which is fully focused on defending democracy. This must change.” President Connolly stresses. “Establishing a Democratic Resilience Center inside NATO Headquarters would show that NATO is truly serious about defending our democratic model.”

    Fighters for their own good at everyone else expense are at work again.

  • Just superb example:

    The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has prepared draft recommendations for building relations with Mordor for the European Council and the European Commission. The document dated May 5 was published on the EP website.

    Parliamentarians propose to take measures aimed at maintaining a pro-democratic society in Mordor:

    • support the creation of a round-the-clock TV channel that will allow “to resist Mordor-language propaganda”;
    • not recognize the legitimacy of the Mordor parliament and call for the removal of Mordor from participation in international organizations with parliamentary assemblies if the elections in the fall of 2021 are recognized as rigged (of course they will be!);
    • “Adopt and announce a strategic vision for a future relationship with future democratic Mordor,” which will include visa easing, investment in free trade and other incentives. Of course it will also mean EU and US owning all energy and resources exports and fast drop in life level of ordinary citizens, but everyone should be ready to do this because of democracy. It is assumed that the European Union will have to offer all this nice goodies in exchange for democratic changes in the country (read - EU and US controlled government).
  • The European Union has frozen investment aid for Belarus in the amount of € 3 billion until it "becomes democratic."

    This, as reported by Reuters, said the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

    More and more open.