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Nikon F to m43 adapters
  • The go-to shop for good adapters, ciecio7, unfortunately does not list a Nikon F to MFT adapter. I did send some questions, but unfortunately I did not receive any answer. Apparently they do exist, Grue has one, but I can't sit and wait for years to come. I did consider getting some Canon to MFT, but this leaves the issue of a solid Nikon to Canon adapter, preferably one which allows to change aperture by means of a ring or so. (There do exist adapters with a confirm chip, but with the Canon to MFT this won't work anyway.)

    Does somebody know another seller which offers the cheaper adapters, but has a solid check to deliver consistent adapters? I'd love to get an adapter with aperture control (manual of course) and a tripod mount.

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  • "I'd love to get an adapter with aperture control" - Are you trying to mount G lenses?

  • Too, I'd like to mount a variety of lenses, including the G type lens, as those are the zoom lenses I have. The other ones are AI-S (pre autofocus) and D type lenses, these do have an aperture ring. (They are all F mount, to separate it from the new Nikon 1 and S mount.)

  • Thanks, I did encounter that one before (still opened in a tab in my browser), but alcomposer is the only one mentioning the adapter. And as I said consistency of adapters is typically an issue, apart from the (way) more expensive adapters and the one by ciecio7. However, if nobody else has some recommendations I will get it and report back on this one.

  • I have an Nikon F adapter, I think i got it from ciecio, not very expensive. Works great with cheap nikon zoom with aperture ring.

  • You could try the one from MTF services,, it is pricey but I saw them at a trade show in London recently and the machine work and finish is almost worthy of a display piece, will give you smooth aperture control on your G lenses.

  • I use the Novoflex nikon to mft adapter. works wonderful! unlike the cheapo adapter i bought from amazon. works with both nikon lenses with their own aperture ring and those without aperture rings (nikon G). They are rock solid, have no play at all. Used them for mounting the tokina 11-16 (Nikon G), Tokina 16-50 (Nikon G) as well as the older nikon 50mm f1.2 ais (Nikon F). They usually sell for a little less than $200 used on ebay. $239 on B&H and amazon.

  • @libertas, unfortunately the Nikon F adapters are not listed anymore and I still haven't received a response from ciecio.
    @PhilC and @ipcml, those are the pricey ones yes. I must admit I didn't know MTF, that one looks stellar, but I'm not a professional to whom this won't be that much of a deal if they get equal service and quality. The Novoflex was and is on my radar as a backup.

    For now I did pull the trigger and purchased the adapter sumo did link to. Hopefully it will arrive soon. I'll report back on the quality of that adapter. If it doesn't work out I'll get myself a Novoflex. (I don't feel like getting a Voigtlander adapter.)

  • I actually gave up on the fotodiox adapter I had because of the wiggle but I just saw something on vimeo today. Caleb Pike showed how to remove the wiggle you usually get from the adapter. He just wedges a piece of paper. Go to 8:30 mark of the video.

  • I did see that one, I'm not happy with that review, more competition. But my concern isn't just wiggle. It's the overall lack of consistency and quality control, which might result in wiggle. Possibly other issues might pop up, I can imagine the other way around, a too tight fit.

  • The adapter is in, initial findings, it's not super tight resulting in a bit of play, on either side of the adapter. I'll try the trick of Caleb in some days. I do like the tripod stand. Currently I have a Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G attached to the camera (which forces me to use the aperture ring on the adapter, it's ok, but of course hard if not impossible to dial the preferred intermediate apertures) and with that setup it's entirely standing on the tripod mount.

  • @ipclmr hi, does your Novaflex adapter focus to infinity properly with manual AI,AIS and pre AI lenses? I have a cheap adapter and all my nikkor glass focuses beyond infinity which is a pain. Thanks.

  • Is the lens side loose?

  • @Albi yes. it correctly focuses to infinity. i've only used AIS lenses with it.

  • @ipclmr thanks. Do you find the aperture control in the adapter gets in the way? I only use manual lenses and dont really want any extra aperture control but it seems like they dont make any without.

  • @albi doesnt get in the way. it doesnt bump out much. you might actually like the aperture control since it makes your nikon lenses aperture clickless if you use the adapter to control aperture instead of the aperture ring on the lens. Just close your lesn to minimum aperture (f16 or whatever) then you can control aperture using the adapter.

  • If you adjust aperture using the adapter instead of the lens Iris does it perform differently in how much depth of field is available?

  • @SightfulProd no. It's the same. You are still using the lens mechanical iris. The adapter doesn't have it's own iris. It just controls the lens iris using the small metal lug which you find in the Nikon lens rear.

  • @SightfulProd if you have a Nikon lens test it out. Close the aperture to the minimum it can go. Look at the back of the lens. There is a small metal lug or pin. Try to move it. It should be easy to move. This controls aperture. It snaps back to minimum aperture once you release it. Slide it and it opens up..

  • anyone using metabones adapter? im curious how it fares in comparison with fotodiox.

  • Yes, Novoflex or Metabones if using manual nikons?The cheap Chinese adapters have some play and I'm looking to upgrade to a rock solid adapter.

  • i tried a novoflex that a friend had briefly. it was nice but 265 is too high for lenses are ai and ais manual nikons.

  • I bought the Metabones adapter and it is a 'rock solid' adapter but it didn't allow my lenses to hit Infinity. I asked the seller why this was and he replied saying that they tune the adapter for still photography lenses or some bull to hit infinity earlier. My minimum focus was correct but I suspect the longer distances were off. So his solution was to send me various small paper rings that you put behind the lens mount of the adapter to adjust the focal flange relationship to get it to hit infinity on the lens. My adapter has some loseness now that I have done this adjustment and still doesn't hit infinity :/ should've just let it be.

  • I use the Novolfex - expensive but the thing is snug and it's a tank. It has aperture control but this is actually a problem for me with lenses with a manual aperture - does anyone know a way to set it where I can control the aperture via the lens rings and not the adapter? It's a pain not knowing what f-stop I'm at.

  • I bought an F mount to MFT adapter from Rainbow Imaging on ebay.

    It works well with an old 50mm 1.8 series E lens.