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Looking for NAB 2012 volunteers
  • Important

    We started collecting donations for NAB coverage.
    All money will go directly to the guys who'll be making it for us.
    Remember to leave "NAB" in the donation notes (button is above :-) ).

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  • Information

    We are searching guys for professional full video and photo coverage of NAB exhibition.

    If you are interested, contact me via PM (include link to some of your similar work and available gear).

  • I may have time to do a few late in the week.

  • I will be there.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you have your guys ready? I'm not seeing too many replies here, I live in Los Angeles, let me know if you need some help. 2xgh2's, 1 XF305, wireless, tripods, etc....

  • @djhessler

    Problem is that many guys said "I can, I'll do it" and vanished after this.

  • I can go April 15, 16. 17, but I don't have tickets or a place to stay, were you able to get funds from the guys here?

  • @djhessler

    I have doubts that we could pay your tickets, residence, etc from donations.

  • I have a visitor pass to NAB 2012 that came with my pocket rig purchase. I will donate, if it helps.

  • I have a press pass that gets me into any event... have to look at the line up, but probably be there 2 or 3 days.

    Gh2, but also a AF100.

    I'm coming from LA and if someone like DJhesser has a XF305 or EX3 and wants me to shoot with it I'll be fine with that...I don't own any ENG Cameras.

  • Join our NAB team, as it could be too late!

    We'll have special prizes from our long time partners for people who'll be making coverage.

    Prize N1.



    Cinematics MB, one of the best MB on the market.
    Also includes set of three 4x4 ND filters, made from optical glass.

    Requirements to get: Best coverage of varous gear, must cover Cinematics products.
    Cinematics booth: C10548

  • Ill be running around with my GH2 + tascam rig shooting exhibits with my product. Please post here if there are specific exhibits you want to see shot and posted here. I'm there for all 4 exhibition days. So what do people want to see? I'll obviously hit Panasonic and Canon, and my area of interest is LED lights, so I'll be looking at a lot of those, but what else do folks want to see? I promise to do what I can. Donations gladly accepted, either of gear or of cash. I could use an extra portable drive to handle all the footage, as well as a couple other necessaries. But I'm committed. yours Tom Guiney

  • A good post on all the LEDs would be most welcome

  • wow nice mb i would definitely go if were in north america!

  • I'll be there Monday afternoon through the close of the show on Thursday. I am also attending the Supermeet. I'll post a list of companies I plan to visit in a couple days.

  • For those of us going to NAB, maybe we can find a time to meet one another and figure how to provide the best coverage. If you've not been to the show before, it can be daunting. This will be my 5th show. I started attending in 2008.

  • Yes let's meet up on Monday afternoon. I've been before. Yes, it's rather...large. I'll PM you contact info.

  • Hi Tom:

    Just sent you an email with my cell phone number. See you Monday.

  • I live in cleveland ohio, If I had a flight out and some cash to spend out there. I can professionally film it with a gh1 and a g2. I have 4 year's of college behind me and 15 year's of shooting video . I recently donated to hack the DMC-G2 although I am unsure if my donation money went toward that cause, how would I know when I have entered my donation upon selecting the different options. As I feel my 10 dollar's should go toward the DMC-G2 as it was the best dslr in 2010.

  • For you gents who make it to NAB, please consider signing up for the 2012 Zacuto Shootout screening in advance where the hacked GH2 will be featured. Participants will have a chance to be interviewed and may end up in the final cut of the documentary.

  • I am signed up to the Tuesday 10am showing of the shootout

  • So far Jeff Anderson, Tom Guiney and I (Bill Strehl) will be there and plan to meet up. Anybody else going to be there?

  • I'll be there Tuesday with an Exhibits-only pass. Last minute decision after SFCutters sent out a promo code this morning. Supermeet's sold out, shootout's sold out that day, so it'll be Exhibits only for me, and only for one day, then I'm gone.

    I'll have a GH2, fast zoom, shotgun mic, and 3LT tripod, keep it small. 'Don't know if I want to carry a mixer. Maybe a lav. I can shoot interviews, products....I don't know what Vitaliy wants.

  • I unsticked this topic as next data will be added to new topic about NAB coverage.

  • Muckraker:

    I just sent you a PM with my cell # to call when you get there. As far as sold out events; the Zacuto people sometimes add extra showings and they do let people in if they get no shows. People also sell Supermeet tickets. I know, cause I sold mine last year. It might be worth showing up if you really want to check out the event.

  • From personal experience, I can say that Wednesday afternoon and Thursday are the best days to have in depth conversations and have a longer time to get hands on gear, and probably to get interviews at the busier booths. Show traffic has died down by that point. If you haven't been before, map out the booths you want to visit and stop by the big booths like Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Adobe, etc and see what is scheduled to be presented, then go to the less well known companies. If you want to do interviews at Panasonic in particular, Jan Crittenden Livingston is the best person I know of to talk to. Since she has a busy schedule, I suggest you ask if there is a time you can come by and schedule and interview,

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