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Colourlab Ai - modern AI terms to get some sales
  • Colourlab Ai analyzes the composition of the shot to describe the color characteristics of footage – whether it’s a close-up shot, an exterior shot, daylight or nighttime, etc. The AI ‘understands’ how humans see, and it uses human perceptual transforms that are vastly more accurate than standard algorithmic methods.

    And, of course, AI is not cheap

    Colourlab Ai will work as a subscription-based software for $99.00 per month. A yearly plan will also be available for around $1000.00.

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  • Same possibility and function with 3D Lut Cretator

  • Also davinci has color match feature ,its not perfect, but kind of ok ,far from usable . I wonder what would make this better and usable . Also didn't know 3d lut has this feature ,how do you use it ? I have that software