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Covid treatments ( Non Oficial )
  • “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

    This is not a medical topic we are here to discuss some medications that have been around and proving to be effective at some point.

    Please share new data, Since is already known that WHO and some countries are in shady propositions and results from this new found disease.

    Is better to be Informed that dead.


    ivermectin new found treatment won’t let covid replicate.


    I have use it for more than a month. I won’t kill you. Seem to Be a oxidizer For the virus.

    I will be posting some other news and videos.

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  • How ivermectin works:

  • @endotoxic....your link died. Do you have any dosage info for ivermectin ? This says it used in combination with doxycycline and zinc. ....found this .... Doxycycline 200mg 2x day for 7 days; Zinc 75-100 mg daily preferably as lozenge with Zinc Gluconate for 7 days; Ivermectin one time dose by body weight 150 mcg per Kilogram or 68 mcg per pound. Helpful to add following vitamins/ supplements: 1000 mg vitamin C; 2000 – 4000 mg Vitamin D; 500 mg Quercetin, 3mg Melatonin (at night); 100 mg Magnesium well.... ""For healthcare workers, it has been suggested to give Ivermectin dose on first, seventh and 30th day and then once a month."" and ....from the usa...

  • In early April, Australian researchers reported that ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro . They used concentrations that were impossible to achieve in the human body, but biological plausibility opened the doors for clinical trials, given the excellent safety profile of the drugs and the lack of an effective treatment for COVID-19. In this guest editorial from the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, we ask for scientific rigor and provide the foundation for conducting clinical trials. Our own essay on this topic, SAINT , was released on May 13.

    However, health policy decisions in Latin America have largely been based on the analysis presented by Patel et al. in a preprint or pre-print published to the SSRN repository in early April. Although it is only a preprint, this manuscript has made a big impact: it has been downloaded 15,655 times and its abstract has been viewed 89,895 times (as of May 28, 2020).


  • @Vitaliy...since I don't know which article your I can read your quote in context, it's not an obvious huh ....but apparently from what I've read, researchers extrapolated a human dosage from the dosage used in vitro, and it would have been far too high to be tolerated, but they are seeing in real world antecdotal proofs that ivermectin given at normal dosage is working against corona regardless. I haven't read the patel document( you have to join ) but I assume it says none of the alternative treatments are valid, which is the position of mexico at least. And why the deathrate is so high in latin america , where the official position ridicules the alternatives as useless, like hydroxy or ivermectin. Last night I read there's a study somewhere on giving them together. And yesterday the nyt said people who enter mex city hospitals , 40% would die, compared to the previous worst case scenario in ny where 25% hospitalized died. pss....but on topic and on the optimistic side, hydroxy is again available in mex farmacias...apparently alot of people are buying it , because of the 7 i checked yesterday, we bought the last at 2, and the other 5 were already sold out. We got 4 new boxes with 20 200mg tablets each. Interesting, in my readings last night on the subject, in the indian article , they are apparently giving people invermectin prophylactically. After the initial treatment of two dosages given a week apart, then every month. These dosages for prophylactic use are so small, there's no real danger. And now there's the study on giving hydroxy and ivermectin together. I'm looking into it.

  • @kurth

    It is part from your article referenced in previous post.

  • previous post was in spanish. The post previous to that had 4 or 5 links. But I think I addressed the situation that the ivermectin research is based on the in vitro study which used a much higher dosage unobtainable for humans. But anecdotal evidence points to it working at normal dosage levels.

  • @kurth

    Exactly, it is google translate result for your spanish article.

  • @Vitaliy....o wow google's doin' a good job with spanish to english then. ok...rereading your quote, the first paragraph is referencing their article in 'saint' , I assume a publication, which I assume proposes the use of ivermectin , and the 2nd paragraph' is saying 'sin embargo' .... "'However, health policy decisions in Latin America have largely been based on the analysis presented by'" i.e. south american policy was primarily based on the patel article, which most likely uses the false data from lancet and fauci. Use 'nevertheless' instead of 'however'. See if that makes more sense.

  • A world-leading parasite researcher has warned there could be serious consequences for Australia if the drug ivermectin were to be used widely in the treatment of Covid-19, saying “there is no strong, robust evidence that ivermectin provides benefits against the disease”.

    Dr Carlos Chaccour, from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health, has been studying ivermectin for more than a decade and spoke after reports the anti-parasitic drug could treat Covid-19.

    On Tuesday the National party MP David Gillespie called for ivermectin to be used off-label – that is, for conditions for which it has not been approved by regulators – to treat the virus.

    It is the latest in a line of medicines being promoted by some commentators as “safe” and “approved” because drugs regulators such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States have said they are safe for treating certain well known and studied conditions.

    But this does not mean the same drugs are safe when used to treat Covid, especially since many patients have weakened immune systems and co-morbidities:

    Story is similar to HCQ.

  • From my own personal experience CBD. I would not call it a cure, but what it does seem to do in 50mg capsule doses 1 or 2 times a day is clump lung fluid together so that when you cough it expels it much easier and in larger quantities than usual. Most weed smokers will understand this effect, as weed is often used to help during cold season, and similarly expels flem very well. Virtually all articles relating to CBD and COVID will quickly mention that there is some evidence it should not be taken during a high COVID related fever, but they sorta skip over any possible benefits. I have more than once since January had COVID like symptoms, and each time after three days of about 100mg per day (one in the morning, and one at night) my lungs were clear. I take CBD regularly and even if I take that much it doesn't usually pull up clumps of gunk from my lungs, just when I was having these symptoms. This is my honest experience, take it or leave it.

  • What is CBD?

  • CBD oil from marihuana