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Beirut nuclear explosion, who to blame?
  • This is as real as it gets.

    There is no dynamite that can blow that fast and at the same time. Mini nuke was used for what I don’t know.

    This is an example of a regular tnt and other material explosion:

    Beirut was a nuclear explotion

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  • Not buying the whole fireworks story, also in middle east they really not big on fireworks , and dont think its going to be beach front property where they house all the fireworks

  • Usually it is always jews who are to blame :-)

  • hahahahaha vk just stop, us arabs point at them first before we point at our self , maybe inhouse

  • May be just first time US supplied authentic fireworks instead of fake chinese ones?

  • This nuke is or from Iran or from Israel, that is for shure.

  • It is clearly has nothing to do with any nukes.

    Some chemical explosion as after you can see colored smokes.

  • It just needs one person with a geiger counter to find this out.

  • @Vitaliy....I read Mordor is sending nuclear experts so don't jump to conclusions. Definitely a targeted strike, maybe a weapons storage site. And which jews did you mean ? That old couple in Moscow? Or those living in a yeshiva in upper state NY ? I think you meant "israeli". Not the same thing. @Meierhans....not so easy.

    [R..a is Mordor here, want to remind you]

  • Mohamed Fehmi has just told the MTV Lebanon channel the explosion appeared to have been caused by “huge quantities of ammonium nitrate” being stored at the port.

  • Please analyze nuclear explosions, see the footage and then see footage on amonium nitrite and similar chemical explosions. They don’t have such acceleration and they don’t blow that much together. The compression of the air, the 2km arround pulverize building’s. Not even mixed material behave like that.

  • Official data

    They had 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse for six years.

    And they even started open welding directly near it.

    Stupidity of humans always outpace even most strange theories.

  • Looks like there were two explosions. Ammonium Nitrate needs a detonating explosion. If it was there for 6 years, they had some time to prepare this. The video at ground zero at dark looked like it was very hot. Let's see how long the hotspots burn. The first explosion could have been a hezbollah weapons depot, not fireworks. That could have been the primary target, but with possible knowledge of the AN stored nearby as a secondary effect. Maybe they underestimated. Trump said his generals said it looked like a bomb. I saw no lightning in any video, but it was daytime.

  • 2750 tons of amonium nítrate isn’t it too much volume of material to be stored in such small space where the “pyrotechnics” where!!??

    How on earth you begin welding there?

    I must admit human stupidity is really amazing. cross all barriers and logic, but I insist, the way the explosion was generated is too Perfect.

    Usually all chemicals that explode under low pressure (which i assume was the way the amonium nitrate was stored) can’t blow that fast. For that to happen you need compression before explosion.

    They stored under 20 bar in a liquid state 2750 tons of it?....hmmm don’t think so.

    Never the less, there what’s a red cloud yes, seem to be some different materials in there, but amonium nitrate is white and not red.

    Is too fishi, hesbollah is also there. Judens also there, Iran also there, USA also there

    Beirut is full of tragic stories.

  • Never the less, there what’s a red cloud yes, seem to be some different materials in there, but amonium nitrate is white and not red.

    As you have fire and explosion you have nitrogen dioxide forming.


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  • In deeds, amonium nitrate put out nitrogen dioxide.

    By admitting There was amonium nitrate doesn’t take apart they the way the explosions behaved was of high compression high density.

    I’m not an expert by any reasonable way. I’m just looking at the footage again and again in frame by frame. It’s too violent for non compressed materials and too small place to put 2750 tons of that Stuff.

  • Trump began the briefing by offering sympathies to Lebanon for the massive explosion in Beirut that has killed at least dozens of people and wounded thousands more.

    Then, appearing to depart from his prepared text, the President said, "It looks like a terrible attack." When he was asked later in the briefing if he was confident the incident was an "attack," he said, "Well it would seem like it based on the explosion. I met with some of our great generals and they just seemed to feel that it was. This was not, a -- some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of event. This was a -- seems to be, according to them -- they would know better than I would -- but they seem to think it was an attack, it was a bomb of some kind."
  • For now story is such

    • 2750 tons of amonium nítrate had been stored in port as it had been confiscated, so no owner (since 2014)
      • equivalent to three kilotonnes of TNT
      • funny thing that amonium nítrat actually should be in Mocambique, but ship broke
      • somehow local court forced owner to unload amonium nítrate, but it seems that they had been afraid to do anything due to further court issues
    • People used multiple holes to steal small amounts (for long time, it seems)
    • Some port authority gave order to local welders to add sheets of metal to cover all holes
    • From this holes it had been small amounts of amonium nítrate forming tracks (as it falled from bad pockets)
    • Few sparks from welding touched tony pack of amonium nítrate and got to main pile
    • All else is history as it is nothing left from this welders
  • Same has happen at first in 1921 at BASF plant. More followed in history...

  • There are industrial accidents, then there are unusually timed ones....During negotiations with China on a $400 billion dollar investment deal with Iran, Iran was rocked by mysterious explosions across the country.

    Accidents ? or Surprise Christmas gifts from some Angry Bad Santa Claus? Like Iran, Lebanon was just about to enter a big investment deal with China. 80% of Lebanon’s economy flows through this port. Up to 2-3 billion dollars of Chinese goods are imported here. One explosion crushes entire Lebanese economy.

    Jul 24, 2020

    As the crisis-hit country continues to seek financial assistance from the international community and the Gulf without signs of promise, Lebanon is looking east at investments from the People’s Republic of China.

    Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah suggested in a televised address June 16 that Lebanon should welcome Chinese investments in key infrastructure projects. Nasrallah also blamed Washington for the dollar shortage and implied that China could offer a vital counterweight.


    Last month, discussion over the possibility of Chinese aid escalated into a shouting match between the embassy and David Schenker, a former US assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. In a statement to the Lebanese press, Schenker said that Nasrallah’s calls for Chinese assistance were a ploy and criticized China for pressuring vulnerable states into signing contracts that benefit Chinese interests over their own. The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon replied in a statement, “We sincerely hope that the American officials … strive to find solution to the chronic problems of American society … and take care of their own affairs instead of interfering of other countries.”

    Read more:

  • Similar explosion 20 years ago in France.

  • Sounds pretty dumb to warehouse large quantities of highly explosive materials. I remember reading about a US bomb-making plant and how they have everything spaced out in specialized containment chambers to prevent chain reaction explosions

  • 70 meter crater.... ...the photo of the supposed fertilizer wasn't a nuke....too much left standing for even a small low yield tactical. But I don't "buy welders did it". The explosive sequence is too complicated. And a couple of months ago netanyahu accuses site 1 of being a weapons depot for hezbollah.....

  • Why do so many of you always believe in hidden conspiracies more than incompetence. Have you ever met people, interacted with organizations, etc? Increasingly complex systems and good old human nature...screw-ups, accidents, etc, happen constantly.