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Recommendation for a photo camera up to $700
  • Never was into photography, but want to get into it more . Can someone recommend me best photo camera ,used or new (with in 5 years old) can grab for $700 or below , autofcus is not important for me, but if its available its plus, I have bunch of m42 ,ef ,and nikon mount lense already

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  • Plenty of choice for decent cameras under that price! I feel like the photo side of things hasn't really seen much improvement the last 5 years or so... There's a few APSC cameras i'm familiar with that produce great files and can be found very cheap like the Fuji XT20 or the Sony A6000/6300/6500. (I'm not very familiar with the offerings of Canon & nikon in this bracket.) On the M43 side you can get an Olympus EM10II or III (I got one for 250$ last year), or any of the Panasonic offerings like the GX8/9, G9 (Might be pushing your budget) or G90.

  • Make good habit to check ebay and such and look for G9.

  • Ok thank you, I will check those out ! Someone mentioned to me a couple days a used D7100, its few years old ,but ill look into what you guys recommend

  • G9 with latest firmware is almost GH5. For photos it is better even.

    Body construction quality is superb. Top of the line flagman level.

  • Sammy what I really recommend if you really want to learn more photo, grab the shiftiest camera out there and begin to search. Search search search for imagery. Once done with that, when you feel a picture and finally grab the one you like every time, buy a better camera. A point and shoot is ok.

    I recommend composition before anything apart from photo basics. Also B&w to compose better then try color.

  • Ok I appreciate the tips guys