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DigitalFoto Clamp and Magic Arm
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  • Tired of cheap clamps bending, wearing and breaking? Here is a nice new clamp & flexible arm combo from DigitalFoto. It cost just $35. This combo is made from thick machined aluminum and it has very nice quality build. Everything about this setup says quality and value for my money.


    The large handle allows you to crank down tight without causing any damage to the mounting area. The clamp has an indented rubber pad on the top so it can be mounted on poles or bike handles. The screw top that clamps to the surface is also rubber coated which helps protect whatever you are attaching it too. After removing the clamp there was no damage whatsoever to the finish of the table. The clamp opens 2mm wide so it can be attached to a table, pole or surface. There are quite a few ¼ inch mountings hole all over clamp, giving you a range of options for attaching devices to it. There is only one ⅜ inch mounting hole.


    I really like the strength of the articulating arm. By the way the handle on the arm has two ⅜ inch adapters in it. It is neat how these are housed within the handle so I don’t have to worry about ever losing them. Also, the handle is ratcheted so you can get the right angle on it to tighten it. Most arms like this under the $100 range claim to hold several pounds but don’t do it well. This one does hold several pounds. The arm has rubber grommets that surround the balls that provides more surface area to lock it down. The arm is incredibly strong and sturdy.

    I have mounted a 5” field monitor with the largest battery available. I have used it with a range of small LED lights. With my Lumix GH5 camera with the heavy Lumix 10-25mm f1.7 lens and the arm didn’t move. The solid aluminum build makes this possible.


    This combo weighs 259g. The clamp weighs 153g. The arm weighs 107g. Supports up to a maximum load weight of 10kg.

    Stop wasting money on cheap clamps and articulating arms that bend and break easily. I have had a few. DigitalFoto make good quality gear and it shows in this product combo.

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