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Coronavirus: EU total mobile tracking active now
  • Eight European carriers, including Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), Orange and Vodafone, have agreed to share phone location data with the European Commission to help measure the coronavirus' reach.

    Pretense is absurd. As location accuracy can't help with any of this. But it can help tracking and neutralizing any groups or individuals that will not agree with next steps governments have in their plans.

    World Health Organization has maintained that any technological assistance in fighting COVID-19 would have to protect human rights and privacy.

    Sounds exactly as Catholic Church declarations during middle ages.

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  • ...90% of the people will agree, 10% are called anti-social and persecuted... nice future.

  • Just leave your phones at home...they could always track them anyway. How simple is that.

  • Not great if there is an emergency....

  • @DrDave....what'd we do before ? People are addicted to carrying their phones's a compulsive obsessive disorder. Put it in airplane mode, turn off the wifi, and live free !