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Coronavirus: What capitalists are up to?
  • Where capitalist had been in December 2019?

    • They had issues with debt in almost all countries, financial stimulus no longer solved issues.
    • They have issue with resources availability, so it is no longer possible to improve things by lowering resources costs for quite long time as they did in 2008 and 2014.
    • They had issues with trust, as ruling class had been quickly loosing trust they still had.

    What they are doing now?

    • Released virus with engineered fatality rate, focused on older people
    • Made sure to start spreading and control it well in China, as they need it running for stability
    • Spread it enough worldwide by not taking proper measures concerning travelers (read - fake home quarantine)
    • Using mass media to spread fear, using test systems control to control numbers
    • Almost stop all their economies
    • Using unprecedented money printing during unprecedented market shrinkage
    • They will start direct payments and tax cuts, and no, not to help working people
    • Their plan is to make people feel as if they are responsible for huge inflation, and burn all debt under it, together with 80% of small and medium businesses
    • Huge corporations will be buying out medium businesses and later offering franchises and similar stuff for small businesses, so up to 70% of business owners will become ordinary workers or hired managers at best
    • They are using and will continue using information overload as main method, as well as direct isolation and military intervention to deal with groups that won't agree
    • Economy will never return to consumption levels it had before
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  •'s either that, or it ain't that. In life, chaos is a broad stroke. This has the appearance of chaos rather than order. The only true anomaly I've seen are the resignations of many ceo's. And the problem with that story is...most of them started resigning after the pandemic was already underway. Ceo's by their very nature are a modern type of oracle. That's what they do is forecast. So, I'm not saying there's nothing there, I'm just saying it's not enough to believe this was some kind of overarching master scheme by the darkoverlords of capitalist pigs. Occam' s razor shaves an accidental fuckup as far more likely a scenario. That's not to say that dark forces of totalitarianism won't play it for all it's worth. They always do.

  • We are currently undertaking immediate and vigorous measures to support our economies; protect workers, businesses—especially micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises—and the sectors most affected; and shield the vulnerable through adequate social protection. We are injecting over $5 trillion into the global economy, as part of targeted fiscal policy, economic measures, and guarantee schemes to counteract the social, economic and financial impacts of the pandemic.

    This does not look like accidental fuckup.

  • @Vitaliy ....why ? Looks to me like another "effect" . It's simply whether you believe in the egg, or the chicken.

  • @kurth

    It has nothing to do with beliefs. As economic issues had been clear, objective and all we have now is ruling class attempt to solve issues.

    There is a Latin tag cui prodest? meaning “who stands to gain?” When it is not immediately apparent which political or social groups, forces or alignments advocate certain proposals, measures, etc., one should always ask: “Who stands to gain?”

    It is not important who directly advocates a particular policy, since under the present noble system of capitalism any money-bag can always “hire”, buy or enlist any number of lawyers, writers and even parliamentary deputies, professors, parsons and the like to defend any views. We live in an age of commerce, when the bourgeoisie have no scruples about trading in honour or conscience. There are also simpletons who out of stupidity or by force of habit defend views prevalent in certain bourgeois circles.

    In politics it is not so important who directly advocates particular views. What is important is who stands to gain from these views, proposals, measures.

  • @Vitaliy.... early February ? We were already all over this by early Feb. If bezos was in the planning loop, he certainly didn't act like it. Like I said's whether you believe in the chicken or the egg. Globalist will always attempt to benefit themselves from any calamity. Doesn't mean they planned it There's way too much downside for this being a plan. And here's who the quote is describing ....been around since ancient Rome...maybe since caves....

  • @kurth

    Issues that stand before capitalism has nothing to do with just Bezos or any other local guy well being. It is about capitalism survival. And if this stuff won't work as planned you'll even see yourself lot of Bezos like shits who will supply rockets, machine guns and hiring mercenaries to kill usual people.

  • Stocks Enter New Bull Market On Day Initial Claims Hit 3.3 Million

    This is why class theory is only one working right.

    We have unprecedented attack by ruling class, one that can push us back as far as mid 19th century. With rights of workers being annulled, pensions being cut and all "to make you survive".

  • @Vitaliy...well what Marx didn't know is...the internet would make people smarter, and the capitalist would make guns cheaper. People will put up with this crap for alittle while, if they think it's for their own benefit, but not forever. Lot easier just to kill 8000 people. Or put them all on Anarctica with a good sleeping bag

  • Workers of The World Disperse!


    It's not just people that are social distancing. Brands are doing it too. McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Audi and Volkswagen are just a few of the corporate conglomerates that are interpreting "social distancing" with logo redesigns.The term has become popular recently because of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Social distancing means standing 6 feet apart from others in an effort to lower the risk of contracting the illness. The messages and logos created to promote social distancing have pros and cons, according to two experts in the design field.

    "Our current global situation is no joke. It's a serious matter," Douglas Sellers, executive creative director for firm Siegel+Gale told CNN Business. "And brands designing social distancing logos have the potential to diminish the severity of what we are going through. The creativity, passion, and thought that goes into wanting to help, educate, and be part of the physical distancing movement is a worthy note," Sellers said.

    Brian Braiker, the editor-in-chief of Ad Age, says its time for brands to provide a "real, meaningful service," referencing companies like the Gap (GPS) making masks for healthcare workers or LVMH, the parent company of Christian Dior and Givenchy, manufacturing hand sanitizer. "Understanding the situation, shutting up and doing something helpful is really the only way to go here.

    When you see brands like McDonald's or Coca-Cola spacing out their logos in 'solidarity,' it strikes a sour note," he told CNN Business.
  • Canada may seize drug patents from pharmaceutical companies in Covid-19 crisis, decoupling from China and India

    Coronavirus a 'wake-up call' for Canada's prescription drug supply

    Given that China and India produce 80 per cent of the active ingredients of prescription drugs sold in North America, supply disruptions are expected eventually, Duffin said.

    "I think that the coronavirus outbreak is a big wake-up call for us to pay attention to our drug shortages that exist already and to pay attention to where our drugs come from," she said.

    India, a major supplier of generic drugs to Europe, has already shut down the export of some antibiotics and drugs for hypertension, blood pressure and acetaminophen, Duffin said.

    As a precaution, the federal government has enacted sweeping legislation that gives it the right to force patented drugmakers to make more medicine if necessary and remove patents as part of the response to the public health emergency.

  • How capitalists want to solve the issues?

    • Any vaccine is very remote (12-18 months as they said), made in extreme competition, will be patented
    • It does not look like capitalism is concerned with any real scientific solution, we see panic spreading and absolutely no coordination or scientific approach
    • Even few medications that seems to help are not being made focus of proper research and not being made available to medics in all countries
    • Masks shortage is extreme, instead of proper and fast solutions we have free market solving the issues by rising prices and making bad quality one time use masks on temporary and simplified lines at 10-100x profit levels.
    • Medic equipment shortage is extreme and it is again various free market solutions and Dyson or Mask like shits who come "to rescue" (in reality all they want is free government money for themselfs).
  • Can we have solution based on Austrian economic gurus ideas?

    • If Keynesian stimulus failed to revive economy may be they decided to do another thing?
    • Like almost total reboot
    • Wiping out all debt
    • Wiping out 80% of small and medium business
    • Wiping out 50-80% of bureaucracy
    • Making things looks like wild wild west to some time.