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Download PTool v3.64d in 2020
  • Hey guys! I want to hack my GH2, but I'm struggling to find links to download PTool v3.64d? I have searched the forums and the web, but I getting linked back to a link that no longer exists. Any help with this would be most appreciated. Thanks

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  • btw, did someone hack the GH2_V12 ? is it worth it ?

  • @tummler

    No, it is not worth it, as requires porting all the work.

  • Thanks for the link!

  • Greetings - I have downloaded ptool 3.66 but it seems the last patches (that I could find) for GH2 require 3.64d. The link above still takes you to the latest version and the "version history" link is dead. I'm hoping to use a driftwood patch, which I think requires the older version. Any way you can update the link? If there are newer patches that use 3.6 I'm open to suggestion as well, I jsut don't know exactly where to look to find compatible patches.

  • Thank you! This link works! The Sedna settings were not recognized by version 3.66 so I will try 3.64. Are there current patches for the gh2 that use ptool version 3.66 I should check out? I know a lot of people probably aren't shooting on gh2s anymore and most of these are from 2012...