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Davinci Resolve Studio as RAW Photo Editor and Manager
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio comes from version to version closer to an image editing and managing tool. Media Page can import thousands of Images and becomes very convenient for managing images. Color grading is superb for dealing with tons of images. Resolution of 8K Video format - means a lot of megapixels whereas output can be 16 bit tif.

    One of the weakest point is RAW handling as it only accepts DNG. DaVinci also wants to treat DNG as sequenced video clips which makes Image ingestion tricky. Due to this issue I created an extraction tool.

    The aim of the Media Extraction tool is the simple integration of any Camera RAW file into DaVinci Resolve Timeline.

    Please find below a link for a program which I release as freeware. It does not include any time limits. I would be happy for any comments to improve this software. It's currently only available for Windows Platform;) MacOS is a matter of time as I have to downgrade my computer or have to wait until Lazarus (Free Pascal) is compiling on Catalina:(

    The MSP Media Support Program does include a Media Extraction Tool and a Resolution Calculator for Dummies.

    Accepted Camera RAW formats: 3fr, arw, cr2, cr3, crw, dcr, erf, fff, gpr, iiq, kdc, liq, mos, mrw, nef, nrw, orf, pef, raf, raw, rwl, rw2, srw, srf, x3f

    Idea is to start with JPG files and put them in different Timelines (Landscape, Portrait, different aspect ratios) and align them. Before you start with color grading you extract RAW files, convert them to DNG and re-link them. After that, you work with RAW...



    • Create Timeline, set resolution
    • Drag&Drop JPG Photos from different folders
    • Align and Zoom
    • Save Timeline as ALE
    • Extract RAW Files
    • Reconform Files to Re-link from JPG to RAW
    • Color Grade
    • Export single images to TIF

    Extraction an Re-Linking
    A batch of JPG and its partner RAW files will be extracted from a branched folder structure and copied into one folder. The files are originated from a drag and drop edit of JPG files into a Davinci Resolve timeline. Files are filtered by an exported ALE timeline file.
    Camera RAW files will then be converted into DNG files by the help of the integrated Adobe DNG converter whereas it’s corresponding RAW and JPG file will be erased to guarantee clean re-linking.

    Timeline Photos need to be re-linked from JPG to DNG to enable the edit from 8bit to 16bit. This can be done by Davinci Resolve itself.

    Note: You need to download Adobe Digital Negative Converter to use functionality of DNG File Cleanup. Make sure to use correct folder settings.
    Please read also the Manual to get more information. Have fun...


    2300 x 1500 - 117K
    Extraction Procedure.jpg
    2300 x 1500 - 117K
    Media Support Program.JPG
    900 x 703 - 141K