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  • Using the Urban Institute’s Analysis of Transfers, Taxes, and Income Security microsimulation model, we estimate how eligibility and benefits would have been affected if the USDA had implemented the changes in 2018. This analysis complements previous USDA and Mathematica analyses of the effects of individual proposed changes.

    If the proposed regulations had been implemented last year, 3.7 million fewer people and 2.1 million fewer households3 would have received SNAP in an average month; annual benefits would have decreased by $4.2 billion. An estimated 2.2 million participating households would no longer be eligible for SNAP and would lose an average of $127 in monthly benefits; 3.1 million others would receive an average of $37 less in benefits a month.

    To be short - idea is to increase forced unemployment to lower rates and find workers for bad jobs.

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  • Trillions in tax breaks to the rich; bailed out Wall Street for trillions more; so naturally, we must cut hundreds of billions from lunch programs for the poor and deport sick children receiving lifesaving treatment in hospitals, essentially condemning them to a death sentence.