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2.35:1 Display aspect ratio in MJPEG 30fps mode
  • So, I just did a quick test by setting up one of the custom dials to be fully automatic (P Mode for exposure), just in case I need to get the camera rolling quickly. I tested all the footage to be surprised by the mjpeg HD footage. This footage has 2.35:1 display aspect ratio.

    ID                               : 1
    Format                           : JPEG
    Codec ID                         : jpeg
    Duration                         : 11s 500ms
    Bit rate mode                    : Variable
    Bit rate                         : 102 Mbps
    Width                            : 2 048 pixels
    Height                           : 864 pixels
    Display aspect ratio             : 2.35:1
    Frame rate mode                  : Constant
    Frame rate                       : 30.000 fps
    Compression mode                 : Lossy

    Any Ideas?

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  • I found my answer ;-) in Quantum100

    720p30 width=2048
    720p30 height=864

    I just don't know a reason for this setting. @Driftwood can you please elaborate? Thank you in advance.

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