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Zacuto eyecup
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  • I'm interested in this too. GH2 EVF just isn't ideal for me. Roughly a year ago one guy produced an interesting prototype of custom eyecup, which mounted on the flash hotshoe. It's a real shame that it didn't go to production! Essentially his design + extra magnification on the viewfinder image would be perfect:

    -Eyepiece, which would extend the viewfinder a bit further from the body

    -More comfortable and larger eyecup (similarly sized and cushioned as the LCDVF)

    -Slightly more magnified viewfinder image (if possible)

    If something like this existed, I would sell my foggin' LCDVF in a heartbeat.

  • EVF don´t have diopter adjustement. Here more information on

  • I think viewing through the EVF of the GH2 is better than using the LCDVF, Zacuto, Hoodman or any other solution.

    The resolution on the GH2 LCD screen is too low to use with any loupe. I tried the LCDVF for GH2 in the shop and the image is soft, and the same happens with the Zacuto Z-finder. It's not the loupe fault, the loupe looks nice and sharp on the Canon 5D and 7D. It's just the terrible GH2 LCD screen. The GH 2 EVF is very good but the eyecup is not comfortable for prolong use. What we really need is just a comfortable eyecup to replace the original.

  • Some were saying that item in the link works as an eyecup.

  • HeY All!

    Sorry for the double post - I feel that this info may be useful to several commenters in this thread, who might not have otherwise gone back to see my post in the much older thread where I already posted it...

    Just got my GH2 a week ago, and discovered the EVF light leak issue the first time I shot video outside in daylight.

    I had an eyecup solution for my Nikon D200 that I created from a microscope eyepiece eyecup that was purchased on eBay, and I tried it just now on my GH2 and it works!

    I suspect the rubber eyecup itself is a $5 US part that is made in China, but the only place online I have found it, or at least something that looks exactly the same, is on eBay for $27.60.

    As of today 2012-02-12 it is eBay item 260955293372. The seller is unbeatablesales, and it is being sold as ProVision SLIPVEG1 Eye Cup for Provision Scopes.

    The one I have just stretches (tightly!) to slip over the existing GH2 eyecup, with no modifications required to the rubber part, or to the GH2, or to the original eyecup - which is left in place.

    The LCD screen opens and closes without removing the eyecup, and the EVF sensor still works fine to turn the EVF on when my eye is on the eyecup. There is no attaching hardware, nothing on the hotshoe, and no rubber-band(s).

    The add-on eyecup would have to be removed to change the diopter setting of the evf, but I just set that once and do not expect to change it again. If I had to, all it takes is stretching the add-on eyecup to remove it, and then stretching it again to put it back on after adjusting the diopter setting.

    I make no guarantees that the eyecup on eBay is exactly the same as mine, but $27.60 is at least risk-able as a test someone might make...

    I hope this helps somebody!

    photo (9).jpg
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    photo (8).jpg
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    photo (4).jpg
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  • Thanks! I'm going to give it a try.

  • I just ordered the Zacuto eyecup. I also ordered this from Ebay...

    My plan is to attach the eyecup to the Hot shoe adapter with a bracket of some sort. I'll figure it out when it arrives. If it works, I'll post pics.

    Also, if you order the eyecup over the phone, they will ship it USPS ($1.50 for where I live) vs. $9.00 FedEx or UPS if ordered online.

  • @shotsmith

    Great idea! They don't ship to Europe though...

    I found this "Rifle Scope Ocular 38-40mm Rubber Eye Protector" from Ebay:

    GH2 EVF is 40mm wide, so that might fit, but it definitely needs to be shortened. I think I'll head to a local hunting/rifle shop tomorrow to see if they have anything suitable...

    ProVision SLIPVEG1 Eye Cup has 1.25" diameter = about 32mm, so it should probably be smaller than 40mm for a snug fit.

  • Ok.. so I got the Zacuto eyecup and the hot shoe adapter today. I'm not going to use the adapter as the eye cup fits pretty good by itself. It blocks out all the light and keeps my nose off the LCD. It will stay on the camera fairly well, but will fall off if bumped, so I used the string and clip that comes with the eyecup to hold it in place.(4th pic) I'm happy with it till someone comes up with something better. : )

    2592 x 1936 - 3M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
  • I've got Shotsmith's eyecup and it's pretty good. It's snug on the GH2.

  • I'm appreciating Shotsmith's eyecup more and more as I use it.

    I've been shooting a lot with the excellent Polariod gunstock mount and instead of butting the mount AGAINST my shoulder, I'm using it as a true shoulder mount and resting it ON my shoulder. With the eyecup, You'll have the advantage of 3 point contact with the GH2. I'm shooting with the 200mm all the time lately and getting favorable results.

  • anyone knows where to get shotsmith's eyecup in europe or something similiar that's also snug and doesn't hinder opening the lcd screen?

  • anyone tried this one on GH2?

    edit: oh wait, I found this other thread about it.

  • Thanks to everyone for the input and ideas here--gh2 definitely needs help in the eyecup department for video!

    I ended up buying the Zacuto eyecup for use with the GH2. I find it works pretty well as indianapete describes. It does a good job at blocking light and helps steady the camera. Pretty comfortable and stays on pretty well. Only downside is that you have to remove it from the camera to move the screen out. But overall huge improvement over the stock EVF eyecup!

    I also have the dealextreme/china eyecup. I don't like it--too small and hurts(and smells) like hell. Also blocks the edge of the viewfinder. I'd pass on it...

  • @shotsmith or anyone with light leakage issues, I recommend attaching a Bluestar Eyecushion to your eyecup. An Oval Large Eyecushion would fit a Zacuto and an Extra Small Round Eyecushion would fit the Red Epic: Red Bomb EVF. offers price-match and exchange

    The supplier Bluestar has an Eyecushion selector chart, see:

  • I use the GH2's EVF finder and find it much better for focusing manually. I heard that the GH2's LCD viewfinder isn't good enough for using the Zacuto Finder due too GH2's LCD giving soft results. The only other option I have is to use a LCD monitor