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Sync Problems Zoom H4N + GH2
  • When syncing WAV-files with GH2 25p files (december firmware), the audio gets out of sync (audio is too quick, about 1 frame per minute). Strangely when, in the timeline of FCP, I change the speed of the WAV-file to 99.9 it will stay completely sync. So it's a minor problem, but it costs extra time. Has anyone encountered this problem? Any solution?

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  • hi fearseeker i had read something similar with a marantz pmd661 (mine is ordered) & gh2

  • Check so your project audio setting in your edit software matches your recorded audio. (44.1khz vs 48khz)

  • Conversely, with a Zoom H4n connected to a GH2, is the onboard sync ok? I had a few reports that the sound is slightly ahead of recorded clips, and can be seen here:

  • I use zoom h4n with gh2- not connected to camera.

    I have had no issues syncing audio with video. I use premeire cs 5.5 and do it manually. I usually have a big sound like a handclap at the beginning of any dialog scene start to help.

  • @SuperRoach Onboard sync is OK. @Robbin Both GH2 audio and Zoom Wav-files are 48khz 16bit. @Cesardeuve That looks exactly like what I am experiencing.

    Seems like I am gonna have to adjust every audioclip manually by speeding down to 99.9%!

  • Even on "pro" equipment thats free synced (i.e. not all jammed to a Lockit box or similar) there inherently is some drift with the timing on each machine.

  • I use the GH2 and the Zoom H1, and there's no drift, even with long takes. I'm thinking there's something wrong with your H4N or with your software process. Is your project 50 frames per second, exactly?

  • I am having the same issue right now. 25p PAL with a H4N. Interview take. The audio drifts in FCP 7. The take is 15 mins.

    48KHz wav file from H4N. Video imported to prores via log and transfer. What's going on? Handclap used.

    EDIT: My fault. I was sloppy and opened up FCP with NTSC sequence preset - assuming it would change to 25p when I dragged and dropped the 25p prores video to the sequence... ;) This does not apply to audio tracks.

    You have to select the proper sequence preset (in my case prores422 25) and THEN start a new project, no restart of FCP necessary. Now my audio has 25 TC.

    No sync issues anymore. :D