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Samplitude Pro X4

    Changes in version

    Plug-in browser

    • Plug-ins can be added via plug-in browser after click on empty plug-in slot
      • VSTi or Rewire instruments can be added on a track, too
      • the browser can also be opened from main menu
    • Functions
      • view by location / vendor / category
      • search function
      • favorite function
        • double click on "+ new folder" creates a new folder
        • plugins can be moved into new folder via drag'n'drop
      • recently used
    • Plug-in slot menu
      • 'favorites' and 'recently used' entries can be accessed via menu
      • commands to replace or delete the existing plug-in
      • old plugin menu via ini entry available [Factors] FxBrowserOptions=1
    • Keyboard handling
      • default shortcut: B
      • search: Ctrl+F
      • extend / collapse current folder: cursor left / right
      • extend / collapse all entries: Ctrl + cursor left / right
      • keyboard shortcuts for tabs
      • 'favorites' and 'recently used' - entries can be deleted by pressing del key


    • Automation lanes
      • new automation display mode "Lane and object automation" displays additional lanes for track automation, while object automation is still visible and editable in original tracks
      • automation parameters and values are displayed in track head
      • automation points can be selected via lasso from left to right (not reversed as in audio tracks)
      • automation points of several lanes can be moved together
      • lanes are created automatically while writing automation data
    • Automation Editing
      • special key can configured for temporary change to automation drawing mode
      • automation points react to mouse movements, even after leaving the track
      • automation points can be moved beyond neighbors (there's a snap range for creating automation jumps)
      • lines between automation points can be moved vertically. Doing this inside a range moves the automation data of the whole range vertically (creates new nodes at the edges)
    • New option: "Thin out automatically" for automatic optimization after drawing or writing automation data


    • "ASIO priority boost" option now also available for current Windows operating systems (uses MMCSS)
    • multi core handling with increased ASIO stability and reduced CPU load by calculating non-monitoring tracks and VSTi in advance
    • support for up to 32 CPU cores


    • no automatic fade in/out after loading objects anymore, automatic crossfades are created when putting objects together
    • quick access to mouse mode menu via Shift+right mouse click, right + left mouse click or Shift + context menu key in arranger
    • new option implemented as menu command: auto track maximize
      • working when clicking into track head or activating via track manager
      • size of maximized track can be changed and is used for any other tracks
    • skins
      • Samplitude default skin changed to "Carbon"
      • new skin features
        • improved display of lasso and range (semi transparent)
        • new object handles
        • anti-aliased fade display
    • multiselection of tracks by clicking in "empty space" available, not only on track name
    • improved lasso function in empty space underneath last track + improved vertical scrolling up and down
    • accelerated drawing when a lot of small objects are displayed

    VST setup

    • support for more than one VST folder
    • display of system paths in directory tree
    • accelerated VST scanning with crash protection
    • option to abort scanning (e.g. for hanging plug-ins)

    MIDI / Instruments

    • additional Vita Solo Instruments (instruments of former versions can be used as well)
      • Analog Synths 2
      • Century Keys
      • Grand Piano
      • Orchestral Ensemble
      • Power Guitar
      • Sansula
      • Pro X4 Suite only
        • Concert Guitar
        • Pop Brass
        • Upright Bass
    • Revolta update with several new presets
    • MIDI Editor
      • Controller
        • selection based on horizontal and vertical range now
        • new tool for scaling and moving selected controllers
        • new command for smoothing / available via MIDI Editor toolbar and menu
        • drawing now also works from right to left
      • more than 1 note can be deselected via Ctrl + mouse drawing
      • copied MIDI data can be inserted into arranger as new object
      • improved undo handling inside velocity dynamics dialog (triggered with Ctrl-Z)
    • Plug and Play detection of MIDI input devices
    • MIDI objects can be extended to the left in arranger
    • accelerated repeated display of VSTi - preset-menus (concerning all output menus e.g. mute/solo)

    Lyrics marker

    • new marker type, which can be switched in marker manager
    • current and next marker event can be selected in time display
    • can be imported from / exported as text / lyrics events in MIDI / Karaoke files
    • display in MIDI editor score (use 'score properties' in Program Preferences and 'page settings' to switch on/off)
    • lyrics marker can be displayed in arranger (use 'view options' in Score Properties and 'VIP' to switch on/off)


    • default usage of all available ASIO channels, no initial restriction to 8 anymore
    • ASIO device names supplied by driver are used, e.g. for mono handling in surround setup dialog
    • new project length for projects based on templates can be adjusted
    • improved scrubbing for Eucon protocol
    • new option: auto save after record stop
    • new time display:
      • position relative to file / timestamp of selected object
    • keyboard handling
      • 2 new default - shortcuts
        • Shift + - : range over all selected objects
        • Strg + # : metronome on/off
      • improved keyboard handling in system settings
    • several bugfixes