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Fire effects
  • I have this vid of a violinist and I would like to add some flames coming out of the violin at the end of the video where the music gets fast, sort of a riff on Witches of Eastwick. Does anyone know of a plugin for premiere pro that will do this, or do I have to video some fire and track it in? TIA.

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  • After Effects would be better suited for that. Didn't watch the clip, I'm on mobile but After Effects with a prekeyed fire asset would work well. Video Copilot has some good assets. Action Essentials.

  • Thats an interesting question. I know how to use prekeyed stock footage, but recently I have seen some quite believable fire simulations in mid to low budged productions. Has anybody experience with that?

  • I would absolutely agree with artiswar. Video Copilot has same great fire effects that come with Action Essentials 2. Your can find more info about that here:

    What I would do is motion track the violin in After Effects and then add the fire clips. Viola! Well, maybe motiontrack won't be thaaat easy, but can be done.

    If your interested, I do video editing and can help with with this request. If your interested check out and press, "Contact Us". Best of luck! :-)

  • I have used some simulation plugins with 3d max (fumeFX, RealFlow) and those are great if you need full control over fire, smoke, fluids. But those are also quite hard to use and need lot of computing power. I would also use prekeyed stock footage in this case. It is just far more easy to get realistic result in post.

  • @dbergeron that violin is really moving, but it could be motion tracked, that's a good idea.