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High bitrate HD video on Android handsets
  • I recently upgraded my android handset to the latest and supposedly greatest device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The device features 1080p avchd video @12mbps out of the box. The file that controls video bitrates is a simple xml file that can easily be changed and the device can handle quite a high bitrate ~60mbps or more on the internal storage. The quality seems limited by the tiny sensor/lens, so this is clearly not the next pro setup, but possibly something fun to fool with. Why not optimize the settings :) I'm not sure about posting external links here so I'll leave it at this for now. Will post more if there's interest.

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  • Filmic pro app on iPhone 4s goes up to 48mbps with uncompressed audio and 24fps. I have done some heavily graded segments and am impressed with the quality. The image stabilization is also very good. I suspect the higher bitrate will also help on android.

  • @holmes6

    I also have used Filmic Pro on the iPhone 4s at 48mbps. It's pretty amazing actually. If the android can do 60mbps that would be pretty impressive as long as the camera itself is up to the task.

  • I own a galaxy S2, hell of a mobile. I found same stuff to raise rate to about 20 mbit, many new roms contain this already. Thus I did not investigate further. Could you provide some links?

  • dosent work on a galaxy S2 i just read.
    records in WVGA

  • @mozes If you are speaking about IgCamera, it works on galaxy s2 in 1080p. Its quite nice that you can finally change FPS and set bitrate higher than on stock.

  • I put some zip files (for GALAXY NEXUS ONLY) up on my site also some sample vids (probably useless since youtube compressed them) and details from mediainfo about the original files. If you have some other phone it's almost certain using my zip files will break the camcorder software. Also I found changing most of the values in the xml file causes the camera to force close, so it can be frustrating to experiment.

  • Bumping an ancient thread to see if there is an android app that can record 1080p/24 high bitrate on a Samsung Galaxy S3. I know it has the same sensor as the Iphone 4S, but there doesn't seem to be an app as feature filled as Filmic Pro on android.

    lgcamera seems to work fine on my TF101, just wondering if anyone had experience with the galaxy s3

  • I have a note 3 which is a very powerful device, loving it but still cant find a favorite video/filming app.