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  • I'm tired of fixing different size donuts in my Trustmt MB. Does anyone know where to get something like Zacuto Z-UD Universal Donut but way cheaper ?

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  • I'm doing a DIY this weekend (it's cheap and really simple) probably, I'll post some pictures (also have the same mattebox).

  • U need the Nun's knickers :)


    Not a nun - that'd be - well funny probably!

  • @Gabel I'm really thinking the same . Spending $35-$50 on this thing it is outrages. Actually, I may also ask my local cleaners to see if they can do it for me. I'm looking forward to see yours. Thanks!

  • @Tommyboy: Well for me, it's easy (my mother is a freelance seamstress and has all the materials). She made me one before, that got lost, so she's doing a new one (takes about 10 minutes and costs close to nothing). All you need is a type of fabric called "velcro" (not the material), some elastic noun and I would recommend a "snap cap" (no idea what their called) that you use to tighten the elastics. Oh and sewing skills...

  • Ha Tommy - chuckled at the thought your cleaner was a nun ;p Mine aint lol

  • @Gabel

    Can your mom make one or two extra and would you sell it to me? Please let me know and I can pay you via paypal etc.

  • Guys, show me he best universal donut photos. And with time it'll be supplied with most MB in our deals :-)

  • Could it not be something like the universal iris (or lens clamp) below? These were maybe made a bit too solid, since they were meant to actually hold lenses by clamping the flange thread. One screw changes the size of the hole and the other screw locks it in position. Aperture diameters run up to well over 12 cm's. If the housing was made much lighter, say out of the same material as the body of the matte box and the iris blades out of carbon, it could see it work.

    1024 x 768 - 181K
    1024 x 768 - 161K
    1024 x 768 - 215K
  • @Tommyboy: I doubt that would be an issue, but I must ask where you live? I am from one of the most expensive countries in the world: Sweden.

    @maurits: That would only work for a clamp on version (there are quite a few clamp on matte-boxes out there), but wouldn't be too good for matteboxes on rods, because if the front of the lenses move (which a lot of lenses do) it might clamp too hard, meaning you could get issues with front movement. A soft universal donut on the other hand is a lot easier, as you can see in this video: