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Light weight tripod and video head for hiking
  • Hi everyone, I'm about to buy myself a GH2, probably with an olympus 45mm (or there abouts) and a 12mm noktor hyperprime (once their released). I plan on using this to shoot random nature stuff, and just fun videos when I go hiking with friends. I'll also end up using it for work, where I edit training videos for nursing staff, in care homes (very niche).

    So, as I plan on walking alot with this camera, I'm also 6'4 so will require something tall. I want to invest in a light weight tripod and head.

    So far i'm moving towards: Head: Manfrotto 701HDV Tripod: 055CXPRO4 (or maybe 3), the PRO4 has 3 extension points, which means it packs up to 54.5cm and max height of 170cm, compared to PRO3's 65cm and max of 175cm. Both of these are fully carbon fibre tubing with magnesium castings. or maybe the 055CXV3 which is has aluminum center pole, and castings

    I live in Australia, and with shipping this bundle is probably looking at around $600-$650 US

    So I'd like to know, if i'm heading down the right track on this one? One thing i'm wary of is how do I level the camera other than using the legs? I'm sure i've seen somewhere that you can get an inbetween attachment that allows levelling?

    How durable is carbon fibre, when its strapped to the outside of a hike pack, and takes hits on surrounding foilage, maybe crushed by a pack sometimes?

    Are these options the best for me? (I reckon I will down the track, get a glide shooter sd) And as far as I can tell, this tripod and head should be good for that?

    Anyway, if anyone can help me with my decision, i'd most appreciate it!