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NAMM 2012
  • Topic about NAMM 2012.

    While it don't have much cameras present :-) It is very useful for any serious filmmaker.

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  • Auria iPad DAW app

    • Up to 48 tracks of simultaneous playback
    • Record up to 24 tracks at once
    • VST plugin support (iOS format only)
    • AAF Import and Export


    626 x 473 - 222K
  • Thats very impressive .Going to the NAMM on Sat

  • Man I can't believe they squoze that much out of an iPad! I wonder if this works with the Alesis iO Dock Pro Interface?

  • Behringer Mixers for iPad


    BEHRINGER unveils three small format premium mixers that directly interface with the ever-popular iPad. Drawing on the power of the most ubiquitous mobile digital device, the XENYX iX Series mixers are designed to handle live performance and provide state-of-the-art tools to create professional recordings. Users can also sync performances to video by utilizing the iPad‘s video out capability.

    The new XENYX iX Series, which include the XENYX iX3242USB, iX2442USB and iX1642USB, feature a built-in iPad docking station designed to send signal to and from the iPad with a wide range of routing options.


    800 x 602 - 105K
  • Akai MAX49 controller


    *MAX49 from Akai Professional places revolutionary MIDI and CV control at your fingertips. With an intuitive layout and included AkaiConnect automatic-mapping software, MAX49 offers an instant, fully immersive experience with your favorite music software and virtually all VST plugins. From its 49 semi-weighted keys and 12 real MPC pads, to its groundbreaking LED touch faders and vintage CV & Gate outputs, MAX49 combines cutting-edge Akai Pro technology with classic capability to give you an unprecedented music-making experience. *


    800 x 487 - 74K
  • MOTU Thunderbolt Interface


    MOTU has introduced the HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt technology, a professional video interface that turns a Thunderbolt technology enabled Mac or PC into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation equipped with all the video and audio I/O needed for professional capture and monitoring.

    For the best-possible image quality, users can capture uncompressed pixel-for-pixel HD video input via HD-SDI or HDMI with 4:2:2 10-bit color depth and full-raster 1920 x 1080 resolution. For compressed workflows, users can choose ProRes, ProRes HQ, Avid DNxHD, or the codec of their choice.


    800 x 304 - 42K
  • Behringer iAxe


    BEHRINGER, today announced the iAxe Guitar – a revolutionary tablet-based guitar certain to change people’s perceptions about making music. After an exhaustive development effort

    362 x 891 - 42K
  • Alesis MIDI Controllers

    Q61 is simple and compact


    QX61 has more added stuff, but still remain very compact


    800 x 478 - 43K
    800 x 495 - 45K
  • Zynaptiq Pitchmap


    Pitchmap allows real-time correction of pitch inaccuracies within mixed signals, as well as completely altering the tonality, chords, harmonies or melodies of a musical signal on- the-fly, a process we call Pitch Mapping.

    Pitchmap does this using our proprietary, artificial intelligence based MAP technology (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) to de-mix an incoming signal - like, for example, a full mix - into individual elements, and then allows the user to arbitrarily or automatically correct and modify their pitches. Additionally, Pitchmap provides means to deliberately induce processing "errors" to make results sound synthetic in a very futuristic and unique way.


    800 x 465 - 76K
  • Akai MPC Fly


    • The first MPC designed specifically for iPad 2
    • Fitted compartment for iPad 2 provides fully integrated portable MPC solution
    • 16 backlit genuine MPC pads with MPC Note Repeat & MPC Swing
    • Works seamlessly with the MPC App: sequence & sample editing, effects, EQ and more
    • Create beats on the go and transfer to a Mac or PC for further mastering
    • Double-hinged case sits upright, lies flat or closes for transport
    • Compatible with virtually any Core MIDI app
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Charges iPad when plugged into wall power
    695 x 615 - 77K
  • iRig PRE


    • 40 cm (15.75”) TRRS cable to connect to any iOS device headset jack
    • XLR input connector for microphones
    • Gain control
    • +48 V phantom power
    • Headphone output
    • On/Off switch
    • Power/Phantom Power provided by 9V battery
    • Battery life is approximately 40 hours with dynamic microphones and 15 hours with phantom powered condenser studio microphones.

    Pricing and availability:

    iRig PRE costs only $39.99/€29.99 and will be available in early Q2 2012

    403 x 451 - 41K
  • Line 6 StageScape M20d

    StageScape M20d features an intuitive, 7” full-color resistive touchscreen interface to get you mixing fast. The touchscreen displays icons on a stage that represent each performer or input, replacing generic rows of knobs and faders. Now you can reach for elements in the mix as you see them on the stage in front of you. A single touch on a performer’s icon gives full access to all parameters relating to that channel, from basic tweaks through deep effects editing.

    StageScape M20d is designed to make recording so easy that it can be done any time, all the time — even without a computer. The M20d records 16 channels plus the main mix in high-resolution, 24-bit WAV format to SD card, USB drive or direct to your Mac® or PC. The convenience of being able to record to external media means you can track at a moment’s notice with no DAW setup required. Since the recorded output is pre-effects, the raw tracks will be ready for later mixing in the recording software of your choice. The M20d enables you to easily capture everything — from ideas and rehearsals to entire performances — in the way that works best for you.


    785 x 587 - 80K
  • tascam.jpg
    618 x 410 - 53K
  • TASCAM iU2


    TASCAM’s iU2 is a premium sound quality audio interface for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It includes all of the features of TASCAM’s best-selling USB audio interfaces, including a pair of great-sounding microphone inputs. The XLR inputs have phantom power for use with high-quality condenser microphones. These feed an onboard microphone preamp and A/D converter for better sound performance than those built into iPhone and iPad – true stereo recording with low noise and less tendency to distort. The inputs also accept line-level signals or you can plug a guitar or bass directly into your device.

    619 x 408 - 31K
  • Kewl stuff!

    I especially like the Akai MAX49 controller and the Line 6 StageScape M20d!

    I'm currently using a combination of the EDIROL UA-1000 and NewTek's VideoToaster for mixing and I/O.

  • I like the new UAD Apollo. This combines their pro converters with their software all in one box.

  • Samson MIDI controllers

    Graphite 49


    The Graphite 49’s semi-weighted keyboard is designed to feel more like an instrument than a controller. It comes equipped with velocity-sensitive keys for capturing the dynamics of a performance, while aftertouch offers customizable control over a variety of effects and parameters. With dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons, as well as classic Pitch and Mod wheels, the Graphite 49 puts a wide range of musical expression and tone manipulation at your fingertips.

    Take full control of your DAW and virtual instruments with the Graphite 49’s nine faders, eight encoders and 16 buttons, all customizable for the ultimate in hands-on control. In addition, players can utilize up to four zones for creating splits and layering sounds. The Graphite 49 also features four large velocity-sensitive trigger pads, each with two banks, that can be used to tap out drum beats, cue one-shot samples or start and stop sequences. And the Graphite 49’s large LCD screen displays the behavior of every function in real-time, enabling intuitive mapping with any software you’re using.

    Carbon 49


    The Carbon 49 offers players a semi-weighted keyboard comparable in feel to that of pro-level instruments. Its 49 velocity-sensitive keys allow you to accurately capture the full dynamics of a performance. In addition, the Carbon 49’s dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons, as well as its classic Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, allow you to expand the keyboard and enhance your overall musical expression.

    Take control of your music software with the Carbon 49’s assignable data encoder and volume slider. For easy editing, players can use the Shift key to adjust up to 14 performance-related control parameters. Also, the Carbon 49’s 3-digit, 7-segement LED displays the behavior of every function in real-time. For added versatility, the Carbon 49 includes traditional MIDI Out, sustain pedal input and USB connections.

    Designed with the iPad in mind, the Carbon 49 features an integrated iPad stand and can be used with your favorite MIDI apps via Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. The Carbon 49 can even be directly powered by the iPad.

    637 x 331 - 44K
    616 x 340 - 38K
  • Roland VG Stratocaster G-5

  • Guys report that MOTU Digital Performer 8 will have Windows version, as well as 64bit Mac version.

  • Synthogy Ivory II–American Concert D

    Ivory II–American Concert D is a 1951 New York Steinway® model D lauded by some of the world's greatest concert artists. Powered by the award winning Ivory II engine, Ivory II–American Concert D is a free-standing virtual instrument and the 4th product in the acclaimed Ivory II line.

    The piano was recorded in the Françoys-Bernier Concert Hall at Le Domaine Forget in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. This is the same hall where Ivory's acclaimed German Steinway was recorded, and also by the same recording and technical team.

    Ivory II–American Concert D will feature up to 20 velocity levels, will have the full compliment of Ivory II features, and run as a plug-in or standalone. For existing Ivory II users, Ivory II–American Concert D will install directly into the existing Ivory II library, giving access to all of Ivory II's pianos and features from one great interface. MSRP will be $199 when released in 2012.

  • I would have thought more companies would be using thunderbolt in this space.

  • Roland BK-5


    • Self-contained, do-everything keyboard with auto-accompaniment engine and built-in sound system
    • Wide selection of sounds, Music Assistants, and Rhythms that cover a wide landscape of musical genres (including East-Europe, Latin-America, Asia, and more)
    • Friendly graphical user interface
    • Onboard effects, including reverb, chorus, EQ, multi-band compressor, and dozens of multi-effects
    • Music rhythm compatibility with Roland BK-7m/E-series/ G-series/VA-series instruments
    • Compatible with backing formats (SMF, MP3, WAV, and Rhythm) directly from USB memory; instant audio recording onto USB memory
    • Automatic chord detection for SMF files
    • Video output to share SMF/MP3 Lyrics with friends or the audience on an external screen

    For more info:

    Quite good option, but not extra cheap.

    I am fan of arrangers. But BK-7m is more convinient for me:-)

    800 x 523 - 55K
  • Roland also announced three new (or rather updated) drum sets: the HD-3 ( which fixes all the flaws of the HD-1 (which I bought last year, erf) and the TD-30KV ( and TD-30K ( as new "top of the line" V-Drums.