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Recording 10-bit with the GH5S: MP4 or Quicktime?
  • Pretty basic question. If I'm recording 10-bit video with my GH5s, I can do it as an MP4 or as a Quicktime. But is there an advantage or disadvantage to using either of these? How does HLG impact on this? Or is All-I video of better quality?

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  • It is just containers. I suggest to use MP4 as it is simpler and better container. Lot of software have strange glitches with specific MOV files as it is not documented container.

  • One thing to note, free version of DaVinci Resolve 14 does not handle either natively, it seems that it lacks support for 10 bit files bassed on h264. I use transcode them to 10-bit MXFs before importing.

    Not sure if free version of Davinci 15 supports the files natively.

  • Thanks, all. I'll take Vitaliy's advice and use MP4. (Premiere pro too the Quicktime tests I shot very easily, and my Transcend R95 W60 128gb cards didn't crash the camera.)