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CAME-TV Terapin Rig - turns GH5, GH4 and GH5s into shoulder cam
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    The innovative break out module is the heart of this Panasonic rig features in and out connections between the camera and accessories. This module combines accessories that you would previously have to piece meal together. Having all of these connections in one module transforms this rig into a great Shoulder Mount ENG rig.

    Power, the break out module gets its power from readily available Sony style batteries NP-F970/950/990. This power is then transferred to the camera via the included dummy battery allowing for long run times and quick battery change out. The module also provides power to the monitor via the included cables and provides 48V Phantom Power for professional microphones.

    Video, HDMI from the camera is converted to SDI out allowing for long runs to a switch. The included handle has a built in Start / Stop video button to control recording via the adjustable grip.

    Audio, XLR connector with 48V Phantom Power for professional microphones accessible on the side of the break out module.

    Headphone out, volume is adjustable via knob and the jack is conveniently located to monitor the audio capture.

    Big -

    Small -

    800 x 632 - 51K
    731 x 651 - 52K
    764 x 672 - 66K
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  • Is it worth nearly six hundred bucks? (for the non-mattebox/FF version)

    Hmmmm.... dunno, but I guess if it makes the client impressed with your "big camera" (totally not a stills camera! ha) then I suppose so.

  • Its a shame this only has one XLR. I think I'd use the DWW XLR 1 with this and it would be the best of both worlds. Something about it looks a bit 1980s though...

  • Can you do HDMI and SDI out??

  • @nobbystylus

    I believe it is first, with many errors, but glimpse into the future.

  • I think its a great idea - I'd love a panasonic version, a YAGH with correct ergonomics and rigging would be great. The base camera is the 'brain' and everything else is nicely design modular extras.

  • Here's a review I made of the ASXMOV Scorpion. It's the exact same rig, just from another brand.