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CES 2012
  • Topic devoted to CES 2012 coverage.

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  • WVIL unbelievable new camera at CES 2011

    This thing is awesome!

    LOL at last sentence "no photos please"

  • panasonic 3MOS quality :

    ''And the Crystal Engine Pro II processes this huge amount of pixels at high speed to produce a remarkable level of Full-HD picture quality. The 3MOS System Pro offers Panasonic's highest-ever image quality with breathtaking detail, vibrant colors, and minimal noise when shooting in dimly lit places''

    AVC 2.0 is also in the place


    Looks like Curly got his head stuck in a Urinal... Moe, Larry!!! I love this video demo, dude...

    Seriously, it's a cool concept but terrible huge design. Other than that, the Nikon D4 is cool, but I'm disappointed with all other cameras/camcorders announced so far...

  • Edward is on CES already.

    So you can expect his first posting soon.

  • First video made by Edward :-)

  • Remember that you can post interesting information, so if Edward will find it interesting you'll get coverage of this. And remember to donate to him (just leave "CES" in comment) if you like to have exhibition coverage in the future :-) He'll get 100% of your donations.

  • That first camera is wild. How can you transmit 32 megapixels wirelessly to the monitor? or is the card in the lens? Do we need to have a cell phone built into a camera?

  • How can you transmit 32 megapixels wirelessly to the monitor?

    Why not? :-) New wireless protocols are coming. If this thing will be able to make only simple RAW compression and sending result to the phone you could have all menus-processing-styles just in software.

  • Nice to see this Fancier video where tthey credit Vitaliy "good idea" integrated into tripod head design

  • Photos of new panasonic fast lenses made by Edward:

    image image

    800 x 533 - 83K
    800 x 533 - 68K
  • So is it confirmed that the fast zooms are 2.8 like in the foto?

  • edit: different topic for the zooms..

  • Do the new zoom lenses have the O.I.S toggle switch or is that for zoom? After all of the IS problems with the other x lenses I want to be able to turn it on and off from the lens.

    I think this picture shows that the switch is for O.I.S on and off and not for zooming.

  • Concept means that we can wait for another year... and it will cost a fortune.... hope canon will come up with something until then, because up until now there is not even a 1 good zoom lens for M4/3... which is a big shame...

  • i would like to see what's writted on the lumix book (picture with all lenses)

  • Hello all, I am at CES. I have been very busy with my own business interests. But of course, I would rather hang out with all the camera folks.

    I have many more still photos that I will be posting shortly this evening. Internet access from the hotel and from a nearby cafe that I tried are both super slow - a little better than dial up modem speeds but very slow. With the slow connections, video will likely have to wait until I return home.

    I'll be posting photos in a bit.

  • The two Panasonic concept lenses are both X lenses, which presumably means powered zooms. Both are also fixed f/2.8 through the range.

    The one on the right is 12-35mm. The one on the left is 35 to 100mm.

  • The Panasonic rep told me that they are planning to have a total of 20 micro four thirds lenses in their lineup by the end of 2012. Competitively, they need to get there with more lens options. I (and I am sure many others) would like to see some faster lens in the line up.

  • JVC was demonstrating two 4K camcorders. They are very small but intended for the professional market.image

    800 x 1200 - 122K
  • Sharp demo'd an 8k LCD display. Many vendors are showing 4K displays now. This resolution level, for this size screen, exceeds the ability of many people to discern any difference with lower resolution displays - this affects anyone whose eyesight is not perfect (many of us). But otherwise - this is a fantastic achievement. When do we get the 8k upgrade at 1 Gbps compression for our GH-2? :)


    800 x 533 - 67K
  • Panasonic was showing a couple of concept products. These are not real products yet, but they said its okay for me to take a picture and post online. The first adds WiFi to an existing Lumix camera that feeds video to an app running on a nearby smart phone. The second concept product is a head mounted video camera that also feeds output to a smart phone app.


    Here's the second - head mounted camera. I suspect this follows the success of the GoPro HERO product. I walked past the GoPro booth but did not have time to stop - they did attract a large crowd indicating a lot of interesting what I suppose we might call "active video" photography. image

    800 x 533 - 66K
    800 x 533 - 65K
  • In addition to the head mounted concept, there are now several "weatherized" cameras that are water proof to 40 feet (about 13 meters). Nice demo in the fish tank! image

    800 x 533 - 131K
  • Sigma has introduced two new Micro Four Thirds lenses.

    I messed with their heads by showing them my 1970s era Minolta-mount, Sigma-made 28-70mm f/2.8 zoom mounted on my GH-2... image

    800 x 533 - 84K
  • The Nikon 1 system, announced a few months ago, would appear to have an exciting future. This is Nikon's mirrorless system that works with Nikon F-series lenses. Shown here are concept lenses and accessories that might be available in the future plus LCD panels, mini projector attachment, and also a Wifi attachment.




    800 x 1200 - 140K
    800 x 533 - 61K
    800 x 533 - 75K