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Eyecup for EVF. $5.40 only.
  • I got a cheap EVF eyecup. This looked... ghetto. Occasionally it pops up a bit on top as u can see on the 3rd picture. One finger to push it back. $5.40... what do u expect? I can see everything. No light leaking. LCD flips back and forth easily. No more nose grease all over on the back of LCD screen. It doesn't invalidate warranty. Hot shoe intact. But what if it breaks? Always have extra rubbers. What if there's no rubber? No worry. Back to EVF rabbit hole. That's all. Large eyecup is quite annoying for photography, but it's so nice for videography.

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  • @stonebat
    always insert attached images in main comment, as guests could have trouble viewing full versions (we'll fix it with next major script update).
  • it looks... ok i guess..
    but isn't there another option besides getting involved with rubber bands? :(
    there MUST be one rubber eye cup out there that can somehow be put on the EVF base..
    question is how to find it? a needle in a haystack
  • I didn't see eyecups suitable for GH. For other cameras - yes, Chinese sellers sell many such things.
  • I use the very same eyecup stonebat


    none permanant

  • thanks, I just ordered two. Desperate for something -- even if it's not perfect...
  • @Mimirsan I know. I ordered it from your earlier posting. I liked the non permanent one you made, but I often need on-camera ext flash to do ceiling bounce. Hopefully Panasonic supports eyecup placeholder in the future...
  • @rozroz This is just temporary... run-of-the-mill cheap solution. I'm gonna superglue more plastic on top of the baseplate. No damage or mod on the camera itself. Actually it already work pretty nicely.

    But the rubber band... gawd... so ghetto like this guy. I need a camouflage black rubber band...

  • Black hair band version. It looks much better. Definitely more reliable than the thin rubber band. I like! This completes my long wanted run-n-gun style. Never mind about superglue. This is good enough. Happy time!!!
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  • nice- yeah I've seen Mimirsan's version of this over at DVXuser, definitely don't mind the black band though...
    Stonebat, who makes your stabilizer rig? I think I've seen you talk about this before, but I can't find.



    I'm using the same Mikro baseplate. The EVF eyecup shortened the length between eye and camera body. The small and short chest pad was good enough to sit on my clavicle shoulder bone. Consequently I didn't need a long arm support. So there goes the short length arm support.

    I'm getting this FF. I'm 100% sure that it will work with Lumix 20mm 1.7 on the rig. I flipped the baseplate so that the camera's mounting point is at edge of the baseplate.

    The whole rig was so small that I had no problem in hanging the rig on my run-n-gun style bag. This is old picture. That's a connector from Blackrapid. The bag can hold 1 more lens and a filter case and a hood.

    Small Camera Small Rig. Any question? :)

    run-n-gun style.JPG
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  • Hi stonebat, how did you attach the rubberband to the eyecup?
  • I drilled small holes.
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  • I received this today. I don't recommend these to users. They don't fit well in the GH2 EVF. None of the supplied plastic cups are either the right shape our size. Fail.
  • I wouldn't try it without a rig that gives at least 2 more support points. The chest pad and the handle. Then gently press it on an eye.

    Mimirsan's EVF eyecup is more solid, and he just needs one more support point.
  • @ Brianluce
    No fail...I use it...stonebat uses it on GH1...we use it differently but priciple is the same.
    the evf on GH2 is not that much different from what I remember. You have to cut/modify the attachments so does not cover sensor (or switch off sensor) and fit correctly etc.
    Did you expect it to fit/work right out of the package? the rig!
    Yeah my permanant mod requires no pressure against eye...with no light leak. the non permanant is held tight by the hotshoe slider and a little tab that pops under the rubber underside of evf but is less solid and requires a little pressure with eye when using.

    there is one downside to evf use...your eyes can get tired ...I think there is a little bit of heat from the evf glow...when I use it for long periods my eyes feels "dry" and have to rest them.
  • Thanks for the tips, Mimirsan.
  • @Mir: Did I expect it to work out of the package? errr...yeah...why wouldn't I? The video in this thread shows it sliding on effortlessly. Then only half way down after a lot of people ordered it already, come to find out you have have drill holes in it and also what now? shave off more of the plastic? Well that won't work either Mim, because the all the attachments are too small. Either way, these are things that should be mentioned when you recommend a piece of gear, not a few weeks after the fact. For example, I don't own a hand drill, so should I go spend $80 to buy one to drill my $5 eye cup? This is not a Fail, it's EPIC fail. It's only $5, but if people are sending out half baked gear recommendation on $5 items, will they do the same with a $300 shoulder mount? Are we going to find out after the fact that oh btw you have to re-weld the support arm to accommodate the GH2? Again, for anyone considering this eyecup, it doesn't fit GH2, it slides around inside the rubber frame of the GH2 and you'll also get cheap hard plastic rubbing up againt the evf sensor -- can't imagine that's a good thing.
  • One thing I forgot to mention. This is not fool-proof.

    See the 1st post. You see the rubber? Really... what do you expect from $5 solution?
  • Well Brian....
    Maybe you should of just read the DVXuser thread or perhaps my video description before your purchase?
    My first MOD (modification in case you didnt know) the SLIDER attachement is EPOXY GLUED to the evf panel after dismantling it! (I even have stated it will invalidate your warrenty!) second mod I MADE with the EVF slider & a creation with bits of plastic (a old earbud container) that does indeed SLIDE IN EFFORTLESSLY without invalidating warrenty....using the basis from "Rigs" design on DVXuser.

    NOBODY once mentioned that you buy the $5 eyecup (did you even read the description before buying? Im pretty sure there was no mention of GH1/2) and it just goes onto the camera "hey presto"

    I never recommended anyone to go out and buy it...but demostrated that with a bit of patience and ingenuity you can MODIFY a cheap set of eyecup to fit your own GH1 at minimum cost.

    You may call it "Half baked gear" but at the end of the day there isnt a Eyecup for the GH1/ either write to Panasonic/zacuto begging for a jumped up priced one...or just make your own.
    This is all what stonebat & I went out and did.

    Its nobody else's fault that you did not research before....also...if you havent noticed...were using GH1s...I beleive the EVF is a bit bigger on GH2.

    Been using my modded cams for over a year problems...except the "dry eye"
  • Well good luck with your eye cup guys. I'm not going to sweat $5. But anyone thinking to purchase this, before you get your hopes up for a GH2 solution, this ain't it. It doesn't fit, no matter what after the fact rubberbanding, drilling pressing, epoxying, and shaping you do. It's too small, It's the wrong shape. Period.
  • @brianluce

    Yeah, big money. Five dollars.
    This must be special guys who post all this and want to steal your precious money and give you totally unusable crap.
    Something like this, I suppose?
  • Did I mention conspiracy? I don't think so. So don't try and pin that on me. But people are making recommendations on your board for, to use your words, "Unusable crap". I'm surprised that doesn't concern you. All I'm saying is this product is not viable for GH2 shooters. Perhaps it's genius for GH1 people.
  • @brianluce

    You just don't get the humour. :-)
    And do not look at things too crucially. Get it easy.
  • Take it easy, Brian. I wouldn't take $5 candy away from you.
  • Stonebat, I also tried your candy recommendation and it sucked!