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Avc-intra to ProRes for final cut pro 7
  • I recently hacked my Gh2 and have been testing out the best transcode options clipwrap did all right and after re-wrapping the file for 5dtorgb the program just stalled out and wouldn't give me a completed file. Whats the best method to get the best quality prores file for FCP with the new intra files(Output is approx 88Mbt)?
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  • You can always use log and transfer.
  • Log and Transfer all ways gave me decent looking files but the ClipWrap files just looked better on when I put them up on the monitor next to each other. In premiere the mts file looks amazing, but I don't want to open the files in CS5 then export them one by one to get their highest quality. I'm just looking for options.
  • I've had no problems with 5DtoRGB Batch, outputting ProRes 4444.
  • Which setting/process did for 5dtoRGB? How did you rewrap your files and what setting did you use to convert?
  • >I've had no problems with 5DtoRGB Batch, outputting ProRes 4444<<br />
    this is bullshit . . . 420 remains 420 forever
  • In theory, yes.
    But 5DtoRGB does some clever interpolation based on the luminance information. It can't retrieve lost info, but is giving you some more fidelity in grading.
  • 420 remains 420 forever !!!!!!!!! basta!!!
  • Well, if you don't see a difference with 5DtoRGB, you don't need to use it.

    But I admit that ProRes 4444 might be overkill ;-)
  • I'm still lost with the whole 1080 wrapper thing. How to I get my 1080p 30 footage that is magically locked inside a 1080i 30 wrapper to show up as 1080p 30 in my NLE.

    Premiere Pro wants to create an interlaced timeline when I try to create a timeline automatically from the footage. FCPX shows 1080i.

    I have read about 5DtoRGB and even using the ffmbc command line program.

    Just to clarify, I'm not trying to convert interlaced to progressive just unlock the footage from the "wrapper" ???????