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Must watch : The Wire (HBO series)
  • Nothing new here, but I can't refrained myself from making the lucky guys who never watched this discover it.
    If you tried to watch it, and didn't get convinced seeing the first episode, try harder, at episode 5 you'll be hooked.

    Others really good HBO series :
    Carnival, Oz, Deadwood, The corner
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  • Awesome series. I also stopped watching after a few episodes a few years back but I gave it another shot last year and oh boy is it amazing. One of my favorite series after the Sopranos.
  • Do not forget

    Generation Kill
    Mad men

  • Luck starts superbly as well.
  • One of the best serie ever. "Boss" and "Breaking Bad" are close =)
  • Good indication of why the wire is so good.

    And of course....The cheese stands alone....
  • This one is great to :

  • may i just add:
  • I live in Baltimore, and The Wire is a decent portrayal of this city, albeit a dated one.
  • Yeah - brilliant but dated. America post-Lehman is unrecognisable to what went before. They obsessed about probable cause when obtaining wiretap warrants on The Wire. Now they spy on all with warrantless impunity and the President has the self-declared right to detain indefinitely or murder any American citizen, without bothering the judiciary.
  • Looks like you might be straying a little with the topic. Let's keep it away from our government.
  • @brandonmrsh It looks like a potential future for some European cities.
    I like the fact that the picture of your city evolves between Homicide: Life on the Street, The Corner and The Wire
  • @onion, interesting point about the Wire being pre-2008 financial crisis. Of course history isn't going to hold still for any film or TV show, no matter how great we think it is. But I actually think the Wire is still highly relevant to our current day situation in the way it shows the corrupting influence of money on politics and the disintegration of our public institutions (which has only accelerated further in these times of economic 'austerity').

    When we look back at what went wrong with the U.S. in the second half of the 20th century, I think Frank Sobotka's speech will be as good as starting point as any: "We used to make shit in this country, build shit. Now we just put our hand in the next guy's pocket."
  • @kinoglass
    Downloading Generation Kill now.
    If we're talking AMC then Breaking Bad as well. I've been watching since the E01S01 and have never enjoyed a show more outside of the Season 1 of Twin Peaks. Removed from the two year buzz its been running on, it has languid pacing and cathartic 5 episode long climaxes that justify the buzz/praise. It is incredible how TV taken seriously can so accurately depict the current state of affairs.

    Speaking of which, Homeland [Showtime] is also a brill new show that a lot of people didn't get and criticized. It's characters, taken as representations of modern US culture, which is what the show is about, are super relevant, carefully considered, and the leads are fantastic.
  • Do you guys get 'the Killing' in the States? Scandinavian homicide who-dunnit with female detective lead - best tv I've seen since the Wire. Series 2 just finished airing..
  • I liked the first season of The Wire, then it just dragged on for me. Do appreciate it's scope, but t couldn't hold me for long. Now Breaking Bad - wow, that's my favorite show of all time and it deserves it's own thread :-)
  • I'm sorry but there's no other show that's as good as "The Wire"....was. I like the fact that they went out and got some real hoods to act in the show....(ones that actually did some time).

    And what's with these British actors playing American roles?????......Outside of a few slip ups they did an outstanding job.
  • For thoses who actually liked one of the best aspect of this show : the somewhat realistic (well, it's still a TV Show, even if it's the best, agree w/ @Ian_T ;-) ) documenting on the every day life of drug dealers, I can't praise you enough to read the tremendous fieldwork of Philipe Bourgois : "In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio*" (New York: Cambridge University Press).
    It's the result of 5 years of participant observation (he actually lived near a crack house with his family and became close w/ young dealers of his neighborhood during 80's 90's). It's simply an ethnography masterpiece, a must read for every "urban" documentarist and a gold mine for any storyteller who dig into the subject.

    * édition française : Philippe Bourgois, En quête de respect : le crack à New York, Paris, Le Seuil, 2001
  • @Ian_T McNulty's accent definitely slipped a few times, but Stringer was absolutely flawless the whole time. I had no idea he wasn't American!
  • Breaking Bad is awesome as well. More dramatic and an incredible character journey (from doormat to scarface).

    The Wire helped me decode all the drug dealing going on in my neighbourhood a few years back. That was inner city London. The police told me that no judge would issue warrants on the 3 stash houses involved simultaneously because it was only cannabis. The kids (under 16) knew this and laughed at the police.
  • From the time I first posted to now I just rewatched the entire first still holds up. Even knowing everything you start catching little things you missed. Awesome.

    The game's the game.
  • Amen CRFILMS...

  • David Simon is one of the best screenwriters around.

    @kinoglass mentioned Generation Kill, which is an absolute must see. It makes up for all those cheesy and un-realistic war movies you have seen before!