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Steve Yedlin ASC (Last Jedi DoP) - On Resolution and Colour Science
  • Here is a rich source of information on camera imaging and the importance of the pipeline from Camera to Display . The site belongs to Steve Yedlin, ASC cinematographer who recently shot Star Wars - The Last Jedi. This is a cinematographer with much more access to resources than the average videographer, but the principles he's trying to establish are important and relevant.

    He has rigorously compared film and digital acquisition. The results have allowed him to choose the aesthetic properties of digital output and in doing so he dispels common assumptions regarding the superiority of one format over another, that leads to misplaced faith in brand allegiance and marketing in the camera industry.

    Here are two videos where he compares formats and then goes into the details of his processing pipeline , before any traditional 'colour grading' is done:

    Here is an accompanying article:

    And further articles and videos found:

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  • Thanks. Some food for thought there which will take time to digest.