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Nvidia SLI Configuration for Video editting
  • I would like to ask a question if anyone has good or bad results running any Linear Video Editing program using at least two video cards in SLI mode.
    I'm interested in running two GeForce GTX 580 cards.To be honest with you I don't know if there are any advantages for video editing running in SLI mode or this is just strictly for heavy gamers. I would love to save myself money and time researching hence this question here. Please share your thoughts.

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  • As far as I remember not much difference exist even between mid-end and high-end cards.
    I am not sure that anything could use two cards for video encoding, etc.
  • Thanks VK! Most of the configs and benchmarks on line are with one Video card. I'm also not sure if using two card is a huge advantage when doing color grading and FX.
  • If you use Premiere Pro, many of the effects and transition are accelerated by the cuda processors on the gpu. To gain an advantage over the lower end GPUs or multiple GPUs, you also need to enhance CPU and Disc IO, otherwise, the GPU is kept waiting.
  • Yeah, so let's simplify my question is Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration way better with two video cards or is it marginal? Having in mind you already have core i7 Gen 2 CPU with Raid 0 SATA3 SSD discs.
  • If you look at the article in the link, It seems that large increases in the number of CUDA cores only gives small incremental increases in performance. Also, PP is not compatible with SLI and will only use 1 gpu.
  • For so far i now.
    Only "davinci resolve" supported up to 4 gpu's...