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Midi keybords and controls surfaces, 49 keys
  • 49 keys are the most frequently used midi keyboards if you work at home with computer.
    No problems with transposition, etc
    Plus many of them are cheaper.

    Best build quality I think goes to Arturia Laboratory, alu and wood sides.
    Novation SL MkII is also good.
    Worst to cheap M-Audio Axiom (non-pro) and Behringer.
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  • Your hands play music, too? :)
  • >Your hands play music, too? :)

    I am using it as a torture for my neightbours. :-)
  • We all do :)

    I use the KORG K49, good bang for buck if you don't need heavy weighted keys. It has "semi"-weighted synth action keys, with good sensors for the velocity. My old Roland became very inconsistant over a couple of years, but the KORG still gives me the same response curve for the full range. Sure, it ain't near a NORD in quality, but it gets the job done. Much better than Behringer crap. It's discontinued, but you should be able to pick one up for nothing.
  • Show no mercy!!!!
  • Btw, E-Mu is making very cheap synth - E-MU Shortboard.
    I'll be getting one shortly to try.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    And I guess your hands are used to touching other stuff in black and white? Bishop to knight 4 ;)
  • I didn't realize you were so into music Vitaliy. Noticed the music-related gear threads.
    I'm getting back into it after good break. I'm thinking of getting a Yamaha weighted keyboard
    for my control surface. (I use a Korg) I don't use alot of knobs and other faders for the sound design. I don't understand all the details of the parameters for those filters in software. But i am into recording accoustic instruments, soft-synths and vocals. Are you into mic-pres and other hardware too?
  • It's all about signal processing...
  • I am not much into keyboards.

    Used to pay this on quite high level:

  • We have quite unknown film about V.V. Andreev (guy who made modern balalaika), very interesting to see
    (quility is not good, but love main theme, look for next parts yourself)

    Had been on first limited showcase with director, actors etc, in 1987 :-)
  • We have state orchestra named by V.V. Andreev

    Of course, our recent rulers removed all such music from TV and radio.
  • Now I have the Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R." in my head:

    "Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out"