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G85 or gh4 for filming cinematic weddings??
  • Hey, I am starting up a small wedding film bussiness and am looking to invest into Panasonic. To start off I was thinking of getting a g85 then save up and get the new gh5 ☺ I am going for the cinematic looking film similar to this video....

    I love slow mo and close ups with a shallow depth of field

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  • Hey, for some reason the rest of my topic did not post.... ? So here it is :) :

    -have I made the right choice with the g85 to start.. or should I save up that little more and buy a gh4 ( but I want to buy the gh5 so I don't see the point ) -what is the best lense to buy with the camera to start off? ( 12-60mm ?) -will my lenses suit the gh5 -what is the battery life like? -how is the g85 and gh5 in low light?? -what do you recommend to also buy ( e.g any good monopods )?

    Thanks! ☺

  • The G85 is the better choice for weddings as I understand it. Better in low light. Get a 12-35mm f/2.8 instead of the 12-60 for faster aperture. Or look at a speedbooster xl with Canon 18-55 f2.8 - everyone will recommend Sigma 18-35 1.8 but not quite enough range for a wedding. If you're a single shooter at a live event switching lenses is not practical, you want to be able to approach every activity as a scene and be able to shoot at least a wide, medium, and close-up in a short period of time, thus the need for a zoom.

  • G85 for sure. Slightly better ISO performance, better color, and most importantly, IBIS. The GH4 has better battery life and a headphone jack, though.

    Be aware that no m4/3 camera is going to handle an extremely dark church or reception as well as cams with larger sensors. This is why the a7sII is so popular despite its other drawbacks. That and the ease of getting ultra-shallow DOF which is of course popular in this realm.