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gh5 raw issue
  • hi,i was trying some timelapse in raw with long exposure and i had a lot of red white green dots on the image so i tried to test the camera in my room to see if the proble persist....well the shoot has been taken at f4 iso 320 6" sec exposure everything manual noise reduction turned off raw plus jpeg... the jpeg came out just fine with a few red dots almost invisible.... The raw file which i converted with lightroom and silkypix(the official panasonic raw developer) have hundreds of red green white dots mostly in the shadows make it a bit clear i brought up the exposure by one stop... here are the 2 images... i don't know if i have a faulty camera,if someone could replicate a long exposure shot it would be really appreciated....thanxx

    silkypix export 1.jpg
    2425 x 1828 - 539K
    lightroom export1.jpg
    2370 x 1778 - 428K
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  • @sebolla

    Well, may be lot of defective, or too hot pixels.

    Visit service center.

  • Thanxx vitaliy...i hope to have a faulty one otherwise the gh5 is toy camera on photo side..

  • Long exposure processing in camera is best. The Panasonic noise reduction works with jpg but not RAW, obviously! This was the same on the GH4. Panasonic recommend using in-camera processing for long exposures.

  • With such long exposures you better consult astro guys. With raw they make dark frame also.

    I think here it can be also the case.

  • Guys we are talking about a 1700$ camera that can't shoot long exposure without noise reduction??!!seriously??my sony rx100iv do better with zero hot pixels with a smaller sensor!!! Caveport i shoot mainly timelapse where i don't use noise reduction due to the extra time it would take to clean the image....

  • It is normal to get noise at long exposure. If you do not want to deal with dark frame, you can try to make HDR foto with long exposure, as i heard HDR reduce noise at high iso and long exposures.

  • 1917 did you check the pics at full screen??this is not noise but hot pixels... I don't know which cameras are you used to but i've never had this issue with canon sony and olympus camera...

  • Try to open your raw file with another software. It can fix the problem.

  • Thanxx 1917 but i've already tried lightroom and the official raw developer from panasonic,silkypix...the funny thing is that with the official pany software the hot pixels are more evident....

  • Just take 2 60sec iso800 frames on my gh5 with cap on lens. First one was taken with long shutter NR OFF and i get lots of noise and dead pixels. I think it is normal. Next one was taken with NR ON, and it is clean. So i do not see any problem. Dead pixels is normal thing for any sensor, just set NR ON and you will take clean pictures, but if you do not want to lose time for NR (timelapse or something) yo must take dark frame for NR in post.

  • Thanxx for the test 1917...really appreciated it... To me it's not normal,i never had this issue with other brands...maybe it's the panny sensor...