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Media Production Show
  • This is a show that I get invites to every year but so far have not had the time to go. This year I had a customer meeting in London and used the opportunity to visit the show afterwards:

    Initially I'd got the impression that I'd find many stands for props, locations and specialist studios. In the event there was one stand for prop rental, one for derelict locations and 5 or so stands for very big (out of my league!) studios. So all in all I didn't find what I was expecting. From a PV perspective I guess many of us are in the independent boat where affordable locations and props can make a real contribution to our work.

    However this show is smaller and more quiet than the BVE show which is held at Excel. The MPS show was held at the West Hall Olympia. All the main players were there, Holdan, BlackMagic, Cooke, Canon etc. I found it much easier to get onto the stands to look and try kit.

    Around the periphery of the show there were many seminars, I stopped by to listen to a colour grading session about the new Resolve. It was presented by a jobbing colourist and in my view was both well presented and really useful - I now know a bit more about the face tracking features of Resolve.

    At the moment I'm in the market for some thunderbolt 3 storage, because the big players were there I stopped by to check out their offerings. In both cases the systems on show had dreadful read speeds (sub 500MB/s). What was slightly more worrying is that the people on the stand didn't understand the performance and were of the view that it was a 'prototype firmware issue'.

    I was quite taken by one stand that had built a sound isolated studio in an ISO container (the type seen on ships and lorries).

    Would I go again? Well, if I happened to be in London perhaps, one of the main impressions I got from the show is that the vendors already knew who they expected to be there, and knew their key visitors by name.