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Recording Commentary Tracks
  • I have a project for which we may want to record commentary tracks. Obviously, we'd like to sit the actors down, and have them offer commentary as they watch the video. But, I'd like to record their voices without the video's soundtrack being too noticeable. This may require up to six lapel mikes.

    Can anyone suggest hardware for this, or other tech tips?

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  • You mean that you want 6 of the to sit down?

    You can use on head mike like we used (it is hypercardioid dynamic)

    It is

    Considering recorders can use any with XLR ones just clam loudly few times at start to sync it.

  • That'd probably work, if we can keep most of the playback sound from the mikes.

    One other option-- send the playback audio into a splitter, and the participants wear earbuds.

  • @Brian_Siano

    Actually you can combine this.

    This mike is best you can get for rejecting stuff. very close to mouth and hypercardioid.

  • @Brian_Siano

    Note that Behringer make cheap headphone amps for multiple guys, like 4 and such.